REALLIFEATWORK - CodingGirls Day 2018

REALLIFEATWORK - CodingGirls Day 2018

Product Manager

Guided discussion to learn different techie roles and understand its career path and advice of how to excel

- Dorothee Garth |Associate Director Product Management at ZALORA
- Tan Yi Lin |Senior Product Manager at Honestbee
- Yee Won Nyon| Product Manager at Grab

Software Engineer

- Niko Wah | Web Developer at ThoughtWorks
- Phyoe Phyoe | Web Developer at Circles.Life

Data Scientist

- Janet Uy | Big Data Analytics Lead, ASEAN, Oracle
- Ren Ruoxu | Data Scientist at Shopee
- Yan Liang | Data Scientist at Grab

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Produced by Engineers.SG
Recorded by: Michael & Ka Ho

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