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TROM: Consuming A Year

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Video based on the TROM ebook “Consuming a Year” - - you can find all of the sources for all of the claims in the book.

Here you can access all of the TROM Series Episodes (you can also find everything you need to make subtitles or voice overs in other languages) -

“When I was 12 or so, I started to realize something very weird about the world: it repeats itself year after year. I realized that each year is almost identical to the year before it, and will be basically identical to the year that follows it. But why is that?”

We do not own all of the materials from this video, and the following video segments are used for commentary, educational, and sourcing purposes:

- Sun Compass Shadow Stick Method
- 60 - Numberphile
- How high can you count on your fingers (Spoiler much higher than 10) - James Tanton

Background Music Instrumentals 2 - slow beautiful soundtrack like music - relaxdaily 1.5