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  1. Hello Youtube, Justin here,
    I know it's been a little while since
  2. since I've been around doing some lessons
    I've done a few songs the other week.
  3. So I'm full of make this a good one.
  4. And today we're going to look at
    some of the classic kind of licks
  5. that Jimmy Hendrix used to spice up
    his rhythm playing
  6. I couldn't possibly cover all of
    Jimmy Hendrix's cool tricks
  7. in one little ten minute lesson, I'm just
    gonna kind of single out two of them.
  8. Both of them work around a Major chord.
  9. This is not a beginner's lesson, this is
    kind of like you know already your
  10. barre chords. You're looking of
    make them sound a little bit funkier.
  11. Basically the two tricks before we go to a
    closeup and I'll show you what's going on.
  12. I'm just gonna use a
    little C barre chord here,
  13. like an A Shape C chord
    with a fifth string root.
  14. And, the little trick that Hendrix uses
    a lot is putting
  15. what's referred to as the third of the
    chord, which in this case is the note E,
  16. on the bottom. ....
    to get this kind of sound.
  17. So, once you get into that it sounds quite
    funky as it is. ...
  18. That kind of thing. So you're sliding up
    by using the third finger.
  19. I'll show you this in a closeup in a sec.
    Then putting the rest of the chord down.
  20. Now, once you're up there and you've got
    that third on the bass
  21. there's all sorts of little, you know ....
  22. little tricks and stuff that you can use
    and it's a really nice little
  23. rhythm guitar trick, it works in almost
    every situation not necessarily Hendrix,
  24. John from the Red Hot Chili Peppers
    uses it a whole heap.
  25. Yeah, loads of great guitar players uses
    it all the time, John Mayer, there's loads
  26. of guys uses it, once you get the trick
    you kind of recognize it, I'm sure.
  27. So, that's the first one,
    that's with the fifth string group,
  28. and the other one I'll show is with the
    sixth string group,
  29. which is this kind of thumb over
    technique, the thumb plays the bass note
  30. and the first, second and third fingers
    play the chord
  31. and that frees up your
    little finger to do .....
  32. You find a million little tricks you can
    use with that.
  33. "Under the Bridge" uses a lot of those
    tricks there with the E Shape
  34. barre chord Hendrix's style. So before
    I gas on any longer
  35. I'll go to a closeup and show you
    exactly how to do this stuff.
  36. See you in a sec.
  37. So, let's start off with having a C chord.
  38. And you can see here my first finger is
    playing the note C, which is the 3. fret,
  39. my third finger is barring the 4., 3. and
    2. strings,
  40. there a little barre, .., making sure that
    the third finger lifts up enough to mute
  41. the thinnest string there. If you're
    not sure about that check out the
  42. the lesson I did on Youtube, I think it's
    called "Master your Barre chords" and this
  43. is probably part 2, but I can't remember,
    it's also on the website,
  44. the Justinguitar.com thing. So, ....
    there's the first chord, now if you roll
  45. your third finger, like that, over on to
    the note D which is on the fifth string,
  46. play it, ... and slide it up two frets,
    so it's now on the note E, which is
  47. the third of the chord of C, think of
    it's like the third note of the scale,
  48. ...., that's the third of the chord,
    and first finger is now replacing
  49. the notes that the third finger used to
    hold down. That's the initial chord
  50. now first finger is replacing those three
    and third finger is down on that note E,
  51. This is a pretty funky little trick,
    anyway just by itself ....
  52. Just by itself it will be quite nice if
    you're playing C chord for a long time.
  53. Now, once you're up there,
    there's a few little tricks you can do
  54. a really common Hendrix trick is to move
    that first finger over so it's now
  55. covering the fifth string as well and then
    to pluck the fifth string and the fourth
  56. string together ... and hammer down that
    third finger.
  57. If you don't put the third finger down
    right it will mute the fourth string
  58. and it's really important that ...
    you still here this note
  59. that note has to be ringing the whole
    time, ... while the other one changes,
  60. otherwise it sounds like this and you
    just end up with one note
  61. doesn't sound anywhere near as cool.
    So, if you start with these two,
  62. I'm just plucking the 5. string
    and the 4. string.
  63. Actually I am touching the 3. string
    a little bit as well,
  64. but it doesn't really matter how many
    of these extra ones you hear.
  65. The most famous example of that is
    "Wind Cries Mary" by Jimmy Hendrix
  66. which has this little ....it's not
    in that key, it's in the key of Eb

  67. but it's that kind of idea.
    So that's a good little trick.
  68. Now as well as having that hammer-on
    there, you can also hammer-on the third
  69. finger on to the seventh fret of the
    fourth string or of the third string
  70. each time plucking so if you're hammering
    the third finger down on the fourth string
  71. .... you're also plucking the third string
    the same time ....
  72. The same if you put the hammer of
    the third finger on the third string
  73. seventh fret, you would.....
    you would also make sure that this
  74. note on the second string is ringing out.
  75. Let's put it in the context for a
    groove for a sec ...
  76. You can hear it's a pretty usable
    little thing.
  77. Now as well as hammering-on you can also
    do a hammer-on and flick-off ....
  78. Lots of nice little licks there for you
    to muck around with,
  79. that one was just plucking these two,
    the second and third strings and
  80. doing the hammer-on
    on the third string,
  81. then the next two strings down. But I
    mean down actually I mean up physically
  82. but down like the pitchwise going down,
    hammer-on, flick-off....
  83. It's just a slide that last one.
    Pick, hammer, flick-off, slide, strum...
  84. Loads of little licks like that, so
    that's the first one, that's the trick
  85. and ...
    follow the same chord.
  86. Hello I was just editing this thing and it
    came in quite a bit over 10 minutes so
  87. I've cutted it into two, so if you want to
    get the rest of the lesson then check out
  88. the kind of the E grip kind of a tricks
    for Jimmy Hendrix
  89. and check out my Hendrix rhythm part two
    and I'll show you one of those
  90. extra little bits and chord progressions
    to play about with them
  91. a little bit about sound.
    So see you in a bit.