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IxD Session: A conversation with Aditi Kulkarni, Head of Design, Referral Candy - IxDA Singapore


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Hey everyone! We're back once again in September for this Design Leader series where we have a conversation with Design leaders, Principle consultants, influential designers improving lives through UX.  This month we'll be speaking with Aditi Kulkarni, Head of Design & UX at Singapore based startup, ReferralCandy. About Aditi Aditi Kulkarni, Head of Design & UX at Singapore based startup, ReferralCandy. the best automated referral program for online retailers. (ReferralCandy has raised S$2M in funding and recently tripled its revenue.) In her previous role as VP Design at Postman she lead product design and helped grow the user base to more than 4M developers, eventually leading to Series A funding of $7M.  Aditi is a big fan of effective, collaborative and goal oriented design. She loves trying various experiments to see what works best in a lean product team. In her free time you can find her tinkering and making interactive installations inspired by city life.  --- Agenda for the evening 7pm – 7.30pm: Registration, networking.  7.30pm – 8.30pm: Conversation with Aditi 8.30pm – 9pm: Networking and drinks :) We're hoping to keep the session really informal and casual where it is more conversational centric so bring along some of your burning questions to the session. The value of the meetup is as good as the questions asked :) Also, if you would like to ask the question privately, please email me at and I'll ask them on your behalf :) Alternatively, you may like to tweet us the questions to @IxDASG and we can have that answered! P/s: The ReferralCandy team recently launched a brand new loyalty product called CandyBar. It's a digital loyalty app for the millions of SMB's out there. With CandyBar, SMB retailers can run and track their business from their pocket. They're Hiring! --- Venue sponsor: A big thanks to the folks at District6 for sponsoring the venue and hosting us! District6 is a brand new co-working space located just at City Hall (2 mins walk from Raffles City!)  --- Food / Drinks sponsor:  Food and drinks tonight are sponsored by GetLinks - GetLinks connects qualified Developers, Designers & Digital Marketers with hundreds of new career opportunities every week through a two-way Marketplace. 

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