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  1. Now, before we get into some of the minute details of using our physics engine,
  2. let's take a minute, and go through our wish list of what we'd like our physics
  3. engine to do for us. And why it makes our lives a lot simpler. The first thing
  4. is, that we like to be able to create physics objects for each of our game
  5. entities that needs them. We'd also like to be able to update the physics
  6. engine each frame, or rather, we'd like to be able to allow the physics engine
  7. to update itself, and take care of most of the work for us. We'd also to be
  8. able to fire off collision events between different physics objects, and then
  9. respond to them arbitrarily. And finally, we'd really like to be able to pull
  10. updated position information for each of our game physics objects, each frame.
  11. That means effectively, that we can use the physics engines calculations to
  12. feed position information into our rendering engine for drawing next frame. So
  13. to accomplish all of this for grids, we decided to go with a physics engine
  14. called Box2D.