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  1. Ok, well, last week I had hoped
  2. that we would deal with
    the unpardonable sin,
  3. and then with sexual sin.
  4. And we didn't get to the
    second part last week.
  5. And so, that's what I want
    to deal with tonight.
  6. And I think I want to
    call it something like:
  7. The Holy Spirit is your best Friend
  8. in fighting against sexual temptation.
  9. Something like that.
  10. The Holy Spirit is your best Friend
  11. when it comes to fighting
    sexual immorality.
  12. So, I thought the first
    thing that I wanted to do
  13. is develop what I want
    to call a theology
  14. of sexual sin.
  15. Call it the doctrine of sexual sin.
  16. Here's a starting point.

  17. Nobody in this room;
    nobody in this world
  18. is stronger than sin.
  19. None of us are.
  20. And by the title,
  21. the Holy Spirit is our best Friend
  22. when it comes to sexual sin.
  23. Nobody is strong enough
  24. to overcome sexual temptation
  25. on their own.
  26. Nobody is strong enough
  27. to overcome sexual immorality
  28. on their own.
  29. Period.
  30. It's an impossibility.
  31. It is stronger than us.
  32. Lay it down.
  33. It is stronger.
  34. When you think about the lost man,
  35. total inability -
  36. absolutely total inability to do this.
  37. And I'm including here "lost Christians."
  38. You say what's that?
  39. That's a paradox.
  40. I'm talking about there's a reason why
  41. certain people in the
    church never get victory.
  42. That's what I'm talking about.
  43. And lost people cannot get victory.
  44. Now, listen. Think with me here.

  45. Oftentimes in Scripture,
  46. Scripture doesn't deal necessarily
  47. with sins particularly;
  48. sins specifically,
  49. like certain types of sexual sin.
  50. There's places it does,
  51. but oftentimes what we get in Scripture
  52. is we get sin personified.
  53. Where am I going with all this?
  54. I'm going here with it.
  55. Paul talks about sin - singular
  56. as a force, as a power.
  57. Remember how God spoke to Cain
  58. way back in Genesis 4?
  59. What did He say?
  60. Anybody remember what He said
  61. to Cain before Cain killed his brother?
  62. Sin is crouching at the door.
  63. What is that?
  64. See what He did? He personified sin.
  65. He made into something living.
  66. It's crouching at the door.
  67. Almost as though it's separate.
  68. It's like over there at the door.
  69. It's crouching.
  70. That's like an animal ready to pounce.
  71. Who else speaks that way about sin?

  72. Personifies it like that?
  73. How about Paul?
  74. How about Paul in Romans?
  75. Think about what Paul says in Romans.
  76. He says sin - concerning Christians -
  77. he says sin singular
  78. is not going to have dominion over you
  79. as a Christian.
  80. He talks about sin singular
  81. seeking to reign in our mortal bodies.
  82. You are not to let sin reign.
  83. Not sins, as in these particular things.
  84. You are not to let sin as a force,
  85. as a dominating power in your life
  86. rule over you.
  87. Here's the thing with lost people.
  88. Lost people are dominated by sin.
  89. Sin dominates them.
  90. Who is not dominated by sin?
  91. Those who are under grace, not under law.
  92. Who are people who are under law?
  93. What is that another expression for?
  94. What people in the world
    are under the law?
  95. Lost people.
  96. If you're under grace,
  97. sin will not have dominion over you.
  98. If you're under law, sin will what?
  99. Have dominion over you.
  100. Exactly.
  101. Sin will reign in your mortal body.
  102. Sin does dominate.
  103. How about where we've
    been looking in Ephesians 2?
  104. A lost man is dead in trespasses and sins.
  105. Now, there it is in the plural.
  106. But my point is this:
  107. The lost man is dominated
    by sin personified.
  108. This dark lord, this dark power
  109. of sin reigns - that's
    the position of a king.
  110. Sin takes up the seat in the lost man
  111. and it sits on the throne.
  112. A lot of people have this idea,
  113. you know, they talk about
    "we" sitting on the throne,
  114. or Christ sitting on the throne.
  115. Don't ever believe that.
  116. Sin is what sits on the
    throne of the lost man.
  117. Sin does.
  118. And man is a slave.
  119. And that's exactly how
    Scripture makes him out.
  120. Dead in sin.
  121. He is a slave to sin.
  122. He is dominated by sin.
  123. Sin does reign in his mortal body.
  124. Now, here's the thing.

  125. You know as well as I do
  126. that not every person in the world
  127. is dominated by sexual immorality evenly
  128. or the same as everybody else.
  129. You know that's true.
  130. Not every husband who's lost
  131. has committed adultery on his wife.
  132. Not everybody in the
    world is a homosexual.
  133. Not everybody has committed
    fornication in their life -
  134. the actual act of it.
  135. Sin as a dominating force,

  136. it manifests itself different ways
  137. in different people.
  138. Rules them.
  139. Dominates them.
  140. Reigns over them.
  141. But it shows up differently
  142. in different people.
  143. But here's the thing,
  144. when you look at Scripture,
  145. sexual immorality is oftentimes
  146. at the front of the list.
  147. Not just once, and not just twice,
  148. and not just three times -
  149. in fact, it's the rarity,
    it's the exception
  150. when you have a list of sins
  151. and it's not at the beginning.
  152. You ever notice that?
  153. In fact, isn't it interesting
  154. that when God gives a people over,
  155. what does He give them over to?
  156. What's the progress of
    God giving a people up?

  157. It's that they begin to
    do dishonorable things.
  158. It's in Romans 1.
  159. They consider themselves wise.
  160. They're really fools.
  161. They begin to fall down and
    worship other things besides God.
  162. They're seeking to suppress the
    knowledge of God all the time.
  163. And God gives them over.
  164. And when He begins to give a people over,
  165. you'll notice the progression there.
  166. It's not immediately into homosexuality.
  167. The first step is people begin to do that
  168. which they shouldn't do.
  169. The first step in that
    being given over by God,
  170. sexual perversion.
  171. And what I mean by that
  172. is everything outside of marriage.
  173. It begins to rot away at that level.
  174. Now think about the lists

  175. where sexual sin is first.
  176. Somebody look up 1 Corinthians 6.
  177. 1 Corinthians 6:9
  178. And here you have a list -
  179. don't be deceived.
  180. People who practice unrighteousness
  181. don't inherit the kingdom of God.
  182. And what's right at the
    beginning of the list?
  183. The sexually immoral.
  184. Tim: What's next?
  185. Idolaters.
  186. Tim: What's next?
  187. Adulterers.
  188. Tim: What's next?
  189. Men who practice homosexuality.
  190. Tim: I mean, isn't that interesting?
    The very first one is sexual immorality.
  191. Three out of the first four:
  192. sexual immorality.
  193. Where else can you think of?

  194. I think of the works of the flesh.
  195. Galatians 5. Somebody go over there.
  196. What is it? V. 22? 23?
  197. Those are the fruits of the Spirit.
  198. Wait, say it again?
  199. Sexual immorality - first,
  200. impurity - second,
  201. sensuality - third,
  202. and then idolatry.
  203. See, three out of the
    first four right there.
  204. Or how about in Ephesians 5,
  205. you get because of these things,
  206. the wrath of God is coming.
  207. What's the "these things?"
  208. What is it? V. 7 maybe?
  209. "Everyone who is sexually
    immoral or impure
  210. or who is covetous, that is, an idolater."
  211. Notice what the first two are.
  212. Think about Paul speaking
    to the Thessalonians,

  213. and he's talking about God
  214. desiring their sanctification.
  215. And what's the very
    first thing he goes into?
  216. Chapter 4. 1 Thessalonians.
  217. "This is the will of God,
  218. your sanctification: that you abstain
  219. from sexual immorality..."
  220. Isn't it interesting.
  221. The first thing he brings up
    there is sanctification.
  222. Where's the first place he goes?
  223. Sexual purity.
  224. And this is often at
    the front of the list.

  225. And here's the thing,
  226. I think if we're honest,
  227. we recognize different people -
  228. lost people fall prey to sin
  229. in all sorts of ways.
  230. Sin rules and sin reigns them.
  231. But one of the stark, first in line
  232. manner in which they fall
  233. and in which they give themselves over to
  234. is this sensuality and sexual immorality.
  235. And it's a big one.
  236. You know, all you have
    to do is look around
  237. in our society to see
  238. we're in a pornographic society.
  239. You look historically at the sins
  240. that have been struggled
    with through history.
  241. This was big 2,000 years ago.
  242. It was right at the forefront.
  243. It was a problem,
  244. and it made it to the head of the class
  245. in these lists of sins that were given.
  246. And the thing is,
  247. men who are dominated by sin -
  248. sin may manifest itself differently
  249. in different people.
  250. And it may manifest itself differently
  251. at different times in the
    life of the same people.
  252. You say, well, that guy was committing
    adultery and then he quit.
  253. Well, you know what?
  254. People will change and they will migrate
  255. in the way they're dominated by sin.
  256. They will do that.
  257. And idolatry can made a man do that.
  258. Have a man fall into adultery,
  259. and he's going to lose his wife.
  260. He idolizes her and he
    will give up that sin -
  261. perhaps even for good.
  262. He can do that.
  263. Men can give up alcohol
  264. because they idolize their own life
  265. and the alcohol about killed them
  266. and they'll give it up.
  267. They'll exchange it for something else.
  268. That's how lost man is,
  269. but nevertheless, completely dominated.
  270. And my point is this:

  271. As long as sexual urge,
  272. as long as that body is throwing urges,
  273. that mind is throwing urges,
  274. Satan is throwing urges,
  275. as long as sin which seeks to rule in them
  276. is throwing that kind of lust their way,
  277. they're helpless.
  278. They cannot dominate that.
  279. They cannot have victory over that.
  280. Now, like I say, they may get old
  281. and the sexual urge and
    the sexual temptation
  282. kind of goes out of them
  283. because they're getting old.
  284. Or, they may idolize a wife
  285. and they may change one thing for another
  286. for a season perhaps.
  287. I mean, that kind of thing happens.
  288. But we're talking men who are
  289. dominated and ruled by this.
  290. But now, you come over into the category

  291. of Christian.
  292. And I'm going to say this,
  293. the Christian is just as dead in the water
  294. and just as helpless by himself
  295. and in his own power.
  296. Jesus said - Jesus was
    coming at the positive end,
  297. and He was speaking of good works,
  298. but did He not say in John 15,
  299. "without Me..." what?
  300. "You can do nothing."
  301. And obviously, Jesus works in His people
  302. by way of the Spirit of God.
  303. I mean, we don't want to make -
  304. the Spirit of Christ -
  305. it's interesting even in Romans 8
  306. how you kind of move from the Spirit,
  307. the Spirit of Christ, Christ...
  308. There's this transition kind of happens.
  309. It's one and the same.
  310. You don't want to
    separate these two things.
  311. But what's the classic text
    in our New Testament

  312. that shows that the
    Christian puts to death sin
  313. only by the Spirit of God?
  314. Romans 8:13
  315. Somebody read that.
  316. "For if you live according
    to the flesh you will die,
  317. but if by the Spirit you put to
    death the deeds of the body,
  318. you will live."
  319. See, one path is death?
  320. That's the lost man.
  321. One path is life. That's the saved man.
  322. The path of life is a person
  323. putting to death deeds of the body,
  324. not by themselves and
    not in their own power.
  325. They're doing that in
    the power of the Spirit.
  326. You see that.
  327. And so this is where
    I'm going in all of this.

  328. The Holy Spirit is absolutely essential.
  329. If we want to have a good -
  330. I mean you want to get to the root;
  331. you want to go deep in this issue
  332. of doing battle, of having victory,
  333. of overcoming, of being successful
  334. battling urges and
    temptations with pornography,
  335. battling urges and temptations
  336. in the direction of sexual immorality.
  337. And you know, having a
    ministry like I'll Be Honest,

  338. and for one, being able to watch,
  339. like I was telling you last week,
  340. which videos get the most traffic
  341. on YouTube and on I'll Be Honest,
  342. being able to see that -
  343. there's no question about it.
  344. Two of the top most watched videos
  345. have to do with the unpardonable sin
  346. and have to do with sexual immorality.
  347. That tells me that among
    professing Christians,
  348. it's huge, it's big, it's something
  349. that people are struggling with.
  350. They're looking for answers.
  351. They're looking for help.
  352. People are getting on the Internet
  353. and at times instead of falling prey
  354. to pornography,
  355. they're actually searching in such ways
  356. that they end up finding I'll Be Honest.
  357. They end up finding,
  358. even one of the first videos
  359. after James came and we kind of
  360. connected the two ministries together,
  361. maybe even made it before that,
  362. but that James made on this subject,
  363. I mean, look at the
    amount of traffic on it.
  364. You look at the amount of traffic
  365. on stuff that James has put up there
  366. or that John Piper has done
  367. or that Paul Washer has done
  368. or any of the pastors that are popular
  369. out there today,
  370. these things are getting so much traffic.
  371. Some of them hundreds and hundreds
  372. of thousands of hits.
  373. Why? What that tells me is
  374. you have people who
    are professing Christians -
  375. whether they're true or not,
  376. you know they're in both categories;
  377. undoubtedly in both categories.
  378. But they're searching
  379. and they're looking for answers.
  380. And I can give this answer right here.

  381. You cannot have victory
  382. unless it is victory that is had by way
  383. of the Spirit of God.
  384. It is by the Spirit you put to death
  385. the deeds of the body.
  386. In other words, this is what
  387. we really have to key in on.
  388. You and I don't have the power -
  389. lost or saved - by ourselves.
  390. We don't have the power.
  391. You need the power of Another
  392. to overcome in this area of your life.
  393. You need the power of the Holy Spirit.
  394. And what I want to do in this Bible study

  395. is simply talk about that.
  396. (incomplete thought)
  397. Where is the Spirit?
  398. And where is His power?
  399. You say, well, as a Christian -
  400. if you're a Christian;
  401. if you're a genuine Christian,
  402. doesn't Romans 8 say
    that you have the Spirit?
  403. Yep. And if you don't
    have the Spirit, what?
  404. You're none of His.
    You don't belong to Him.
  405. So, every single child of God
  406. has the Spirit.
  407. What is that? Case closed?
  408. Does every true Christian have victory
  409. all the time?
  410. Is it enough to be a Christian
  411. to win the battle?
  412. Now, somebody might say,
  413. well, I read in Scripture
  414. that if you're a Christian,
  415. you will win the battle.
  416. If you're a Christian,
  417. you will cut off that hand
    and pluck out that eye,
  418. or else you're going to go to hell.
  419. And look, those are the indicatives,
  420. I recognize, but we've got imperatives
  421. in our New Testament too.
  422. In other words, we've got commandments
  423. to not let sin reign in our mortal bodies.
  424. There is a place that by the Spirit
  425. we are killing sin;
  426. we are seeking to put that sin to death.
  427. There is a place.
  428. Anybody think about Colossians 3 -
  429. what it says there
  430. concerning sexual immorality?
  431. Which by the way is at the
    front of the list again.
  432. "Put to death what is earthly in you."
  433. What's the first in line?
  434. I just said: sexual immorality.
  435. First in line again.
  436. But put it to death.
  437. But here's the thing,
  438. you by yourself -
  439. just like Jesus said to His disciples:
  440. "Without Me you can do nothing."
  441. Without that Spirit,
  442. you cannot do this.
  443. Now, why does Scripture tell us

  444. to put this to death?
  445. Because you have to.
  446. Why does Jesus call us
  447. to cut off the hand and pluck out the eye?
  448. Because you have to.
  449. You have to strive.
  450. There is an effort.
  451. You have to work out your own salvation.
  452. But brethren, the way we do this
  453. is in the power of Another.
  454. And that is so key.
  455. You will do this only as you do this
  456. by divine power.
  457. And so I think the thing that
    we have to talk about;

  458. the thing that we have to wrestle with
  459. is it's not just a given
  460. that because you're a Christian
  461. and you possess the Spirit,
  462. therefore sit back, recline,
  463. kick your feet up,
  464. it's all going to happen.
  465. The Spirit of God is going
    to make it happen.
  466. There's some keys.

  467. There are things said in Scripture
  468. about the Spirit and His
    interaction with us
  469. that I think we need to think about.
  470. Like, as a Christian,
  471. how do I live in the power of the Spirit?
  472. As a Christian, how do I not live
  473. in the power of the Spirit?
  474. What's the difference?
  475. I mean, here's the thing.
  476. Some Christians are more mature
  477. than other Christians.
  478. Some Christians are more holy
  479. than other Christians.
  480. Look, there's automatic assumptions
  481. in Scripture that when you
    come to look at elders,
  482. not everybody in the church is an elder.
  483. When you come to look at teachers,
  484. James is very specific
  485. that not many of you should be teachers.
  486. He is automatically
    assuming right up front
  487. that most people in the church
  488. are not at a certain level.
  489. You get people all over the place.
  490. Why does Paul have to tell the Corinthians
  491. not to sleep with prostitutes?
  492. Because they were.
  493. There are others who weren't.
  494. They are many in our
    church who don't do that.
  495. Paul wasn't doing that.
  496. Let me ask you this.

  497. Here's the reality.
  498. Some are having victory -
  499. some true Christians are having victory
  500. in the area of sexual immorality
  501. while others are not having
  502. the same amount of success.
  503. And here's the thing,
  504. the guy that's having the success -
  505. "without Me you can do nothing."
  506. Same truth applies there.
  507. It's not like he's got a
    power innate to himself.
  508. That man is doing what he does
  509. in reaching a higher plane
  510. and excelling to a greater degree
  511. by the power of the Spirit.
  512. The one who isn't,
  513. isn't tapping the power of the Spirit.
  514. Or let's say it this way,
  515. that's almost impersonal
    to say it like that.
  516. It's like tapping a maple tree for
    maple syrup or something.
  517. The Person of the Spirit -
  518. you need to get this -
  519. the weak person who's fumbling
  520. and tumbling and tripping and falling -
  521. the Spirit of God in his life -
  522. that Spirit; that third
    Person of the Godhead,
  523. is the same Person in the life
  524. of the guy who's walking a very holy life.
  525. The Spirit in the weak man's life
  526. is just as powerful over sexual sin
  527. as the Spirit in the holy man's life.
  528. Look, what's true about the weak man
  529. is that the Spirit is not subduing
  530. that sexual temptation in the same way
  531. as it's happening in the strong man.
  532. Why? That's the question on the table.

  533. Why?
  534. The weak Christian is indwelt
  535. by the almighty Spirit of God.
  536. Listen, the Spirit of God
    is stronger than sin
  537. every time, every day,
  538. always, in every instance,
  539. no exceptions.
  540. The Spirit is more powerful than sin
  541. all the time.
  542. There is no sexual sin
  543. that is stronger than the Spirit of God.
  544. So why the difference?

  545. The weak Christian,
  546. if he ever puts to death
    deeds of the flesh,
  547. does it by the Spirit.
  548. If the strong man puts to death
  549. the deeds of the flesh more,
  550. it's by the Spirit.
  551. Same Spirit. Same power.
  552. The Spirit is a Person.
  553. The Spirit chooses what He will do,
  554. how He will do it,
  555. when He will do it.
  556. What's happening in the weak man's life?
  557. You see, this is what we need to get at.

  558. The Spirit is your best Friend
  559. in putting to death sexual sin.
  560. That's the title.
  561. That's the title of this.
  562. The Spirit of God is your best Friend
  563. in putting to death sexual sin.
  564. So what's the difference?

  565. I mean, from your knowledge of Scripture,
  566. does anything jump out at you
  567. as to why that difference might exist?
  568. What was that?
  569. Quenching the Spirit.
  570. Tim: Oh, brethren...
  571. Yeah. Let's go there.

  572. We are told by the same author
  573. in two different places
  574. not to grieve the Spirit,
  575. not to quench the Spirit.
  576. You know what's interesting
  577. about both of those passages?
  578. Paul doesn't explain what he means.
  579. What do you think is true

  580. when an author of Scripture
  581. doesn't explain himself?
  582. What do you think is a typical assumption
  583. in the mind of the author
  584. when he says something like that?
  585. That the hearers already
    knew what he meant.
  586. Tim: Yeah. Exactly.
  587. That it would be simply understood.
  588. He doesn't have to get into
  589. developing this.
  590. Look, we all know,
  591. Paul was one to develop an idea
  592. when it needed to be developed.
  593. He didn't do that in
    either of those cases.
  594. He's really making the assumption:
  595. we know what does it.
  596. Let me offer a suggestion here.

  597. When we are given instruction;
  598. when we're told to do something,
  599. you know that Jesus did all that He did
  600. as a man -
  601. He did it in the power
    of the Spirit of God.
  602. The Spirit of God enabled Him
  603. to cast out demons.
  604. The Spirit of God moved Him,
  605. empowered Him,
  606. drove Him out into the wilderness
  607. to be tempted.
  608. The Spirit of God filled Christ
  609. without measure.
  610. When Jesus came along and He healed,
  611. you think about this.
  612. Go over there, find that pool, and wash.
  613. Or He would just say rise up.
  614. The Spirit was working
    through Jesus Christ
  615. to powerfully heal these people.
  616. But you know what's interesting?
  617. These people by faith did what was
  618. absolutely impossible for them
    to do in their own power.
  619. Get that.
  620. It's just as impossible for you
  621. to overcome sexual temptation
  622. as it is for a man to go wash in a pool
  623. and get his sight,
  624. or to simply get up just because
  625. Jesus told him to get up.
  626. How does a man who's got palsy
  627. and is lame get up?
  628. How does a man who's been
  629. for almost 40 years beside this pool -
  630. how does he just get up?
  631. Jesus told him to get up and he did.
  632. Here's the thing.
    Here's the thing.
  633. One of the ways you grieve the Spirit;

  634. one of the ways that you forsake
  635. the power of the Spirit
  636. is when you don't strive to do
  637. what He tells you to do.
  638. That is so key to living
    the Christian life.
  639. It doesn't mean that you
    have the power to do it,
  640. any more than that man on the ground
  641. had power to get up in his own strength.
  642. But you see, what happened when Jesus
  643. told him to do it,
  644. and looking up at Jesus
  645. and believing, he got up.
  646. He did it.
  647. He did the impossible.
  648. Not in his own strength.
  649. You see, that is the secret
  650. to living the Christian life.
  651. Not so much a secret,
  652. but it's amazing how often we miss it.
  653. Brethren, when Scripture
    says to do things,

  654. if your first attitude is one of defeat,
  655. if your first attitude is
    "I can't do that,"
  656. no, no, no.
  657. Of course, you can't do that.
  658. The first step is
  659. Jesus tells me to pluck out my eye.
  660. He tells me to do that.
  661. His representative -
  662. he talks about putting to death sin
  663. in the mortal body.
  664. He talks about not letting sin reign.
  665. He talks about putting to
    death what's earthly in me.
  666. I am being told in Scripture to kill it.
  667. Now here's what you'll find.
  668. When you say "I can't."
  669. It rules me.
  670. It dominates me.
  671. I can't.
  672. You see what's happening right there?
  673. What you have to lay hold on is this:
  674. The Spirit of God empowers us
  675. in our obedience.
  676. When you are disobedient,
  677. He doesn't.
  678. If you think I'm going to lay down
  679. and not obey Christ,
  680. and the Spirit of God is going to come in
  681. and wonderfully saturate with His power
  682. and I'm going to rise up
  683. and I'm going to be so strong
  684. and I'm going to be able to
    resist every temptation.
  685. That's not how it happens.
  686. That isn't obedience.
  687. Or how about this,

  688. as far as the commands go with this,
  689. you are told to flee youthful lusts.
  690. You are told to run from them.
  691. You're told to run
  692. and you're told to attack.
  693. Cut. Amputate.
  694. You're called to do some surgery here.
  695. You're called to eradicate things.
  696. You're called to flee from things.
  697. You're called to do battle.
  698. You're called to put to death.
  699. You're called to kill.
  700. And look, when we look at our Lord
  701. and we say, "Lord, I trust You.
  702. That if You've told us
    in Your Word to do this.
  703. I'm going to trust that there's
    power in this to do it."
  704. And even if you fall on your
    face, you know what?
  705. You get up again.
    "Lord, I just fell on my face."
  706. Maybe it was because you were too proud.
  707. Maybe it was because
    He wants to teach you
  708. all the more how badly you need Him.
  709. But brethren, I'm telling you this,
  710. the Holy Spirit is your best Friend
  711. in putting to death sexual sin.
  712. You've got to have the Spirit.
  713. You've got to have Him.
  714. Let's talk about grieving the Spirit.

  715. Just not striving to do
  716. what you're commanded to do
  717. is one of the ways,
  718. but how else?
  719. Brethren, the man who lives
  720. the most holy life -
  721. what is a holy life?
  722. Closely associated with those
  723. sanctified word group.
  724. We're sanctified -
  725. is it 2 Thessalonians 2:13?
  726. Sanctified by the Spirit.
  727. You're sanctified by the Spirit.
  728. The holy man is holy
  729. by the power of the Spirit.
  730. That man by that Spirit -
  731. that Spirit is operating in his life.
  732. He's putting to death.
  733. That man is doing the things -
  734. he's seeking to obey;
  735. he's seeking to walk in the
    way (incomplete thought).
  736. He's mindful.
  737. He's mindful to make a
    covenant with his eyes like Job
  738. and not look where he shouldn't look.
  739. He's mindful to flee, to run away
  740. from places that would
    cause him to stumble.
  741. He's mindful of that.
  742. He does that.
  743. Running. Gouging out. Amputating.
  744. Look, every one of us,

  745. that means you have to make
  746. some radical steps.
  747. If you're not willing
    to make radical steps,
  748. and then you go around all the time
  749. dismally defeated -
  750. Oh, woe is me...
  751. I just can't overcome.
  752. I'm just not like other people.
  753. Woe is me.
  754. Like what's that donkey
    on Winnie the Pooh?
  755. Eeyore.
  756. Brethren, we have to take radical steps.
  757. But what are other ways that we grieve -

  758. and you have to put those two:
  759. quench, quench - you just quench.
  760. He's this burning, He's this fire.
  761. There's this heat.
  762. There's this passion that He encourages
  763. in our love for God,
  764. our love for Christ,
  765. in living a holy life,
  766. hungering and thirsting
    after righteousness.
  767. And you just throw a big
    bucket of cold water
  768. on His influences in your life.
  769. How?
  770. He doesn't explain it.
  771. He expects that you full well know.
  772. What? Look.
  773. Be honest with me.
  774. What are the things that at times
  775. you've allowed into your life
  776. and you know you shouldn't have?
  777. Or things you haven't
    allowed into your life
  778. that you know you should have?
  779. What are the things that you've done?
  780. When are the times
    your conscience told you
  781. you've grieved the Spirit?
  782. What are the things?
  783. James: One thing I was thinking of

  784. is when you don't
    approve what is excellent,
  785. what's amazing is in Philippians 1
  786. when Paul says approve what is excellent,
  787. so you may be pure.
  788. Meaning, if I don't
    approve what is excellent,
  789. that deals with purity and blamelessness,
  790. and so I know there's times
  791. I grieve the Holy Spirit not by even
  792. doing overt sin, but by not approving
  793. what is most excellent;
  794. just doing what is good,
  795. and right there I grieve the Holy Spirit.
  796. And I start myself on a path
  797. where I can end up in sin or greater sin.
  798. Tim: And here's the thing to think about.

  799. It's like James is saying right there.
  800. What can happen is
  801. like I speak in a rough tone to my wife.
  802. Two things just happened.
  803. I made provision for the flesh.
  804. Anybody think of a text
    that says not to do that?
  805. Romans 13:14
  806. I just made provsion for the flesh.
  807. And I just grieved the Spirit,
  808. to whatever degree.
  809. Not everything we do grieves the Spirit
  810. to the same degree undoubtedly.
  811. And undoubtedly, if we
    deal with sin quickly,
  812. things get healed very well.
  813. But think about what happens.
  814. Something in my relationship with my wife
  815. and then all of a sudden,
  816. bombarded by a temptation
  817. in the sexual realm.
  818. Can there be connections like that?
  819. The Spirit of God spoke to me.

  820. I should not have had a
    second helping of that food.
  821. I knew it not only was going to
  822. appear to others to be gluttony around me;
  823. I just knew I didn't need it.
    I knew I shouldn't have done that.
  824. You see, you make a
    provision for the flesh.
  825. You grieve the Spirit.
  826. And then what happens?
  827. Sin will now get the upper hand.
  828. Sin as a singular, as a force.
  829. And so what happens is

  830. you can suddenly find yourself
  831. very vulnerable with regards to sexual sin
  832. when the thing that you did
  833. wasn't even about that.
  834. You didn't grieve the
    Spirit through pornography.
  835. You didn't grieve the Spirit
  836. through anything that
    you were doing like that.
  837. But it's because you grieved Him
  838. and now His power in your life
  839. has subsided.
  840. It's waned.
  841. And suddenly, a wave comes over you
  842. and you are under such temptation,
  843. or, what's happened is,
  844. you've tempted the devil.
  845. And when the Spirit steps back,
  846. He gives place to the devil
  847. to do something or to tempt you.
  848. Listen, the Spirit is not only

  849. more powerful than sin;
  850. He's more powerful than the devil.
  851. Infinitely more!
  852. He can stop all these things.
  853. But there's connections.
  854. You see, there's connections
  855. with you feeding the flesh.
  856. There's connections with
  857. defiling your conscience.
  858. That Spirit of God knows when you
  859. defile the conscience.
  860. You should never do it.
  861. And it will grieve Him.
  862. Anybody think of other things

  863. that tend to grieve the Spirit?
  864. (from the room)
  865. Well, I know the verse that says
  866. to not grieve the Spirit
  867. Ephesians 4:30,
  868. the next verse says let all bitterness
  869. and wrath and anger and clamor
  870. be put away from you.
  871. I definitely think bitterness,
  872. or having harsh affections
  873. towards another brother
  874. will grieve the Spirit really quick.
  875. Tim: Brethren, we need to remember this,

  876. the Spirit is always stronger
  877. than sexual sin.
  878. Always.
  879. And if you're feeling
    like you're just being
  880. thrown around,
  881. you have to be honest.
  882. If you're lost, you can grit your teeth,
  883. and you can try in your own strength
  884. to do things, but you're
    going to be defeated
  885. every time.
  886. You're just going to be defeated.
  887. You're going to be defeated.
  888. But if you're a Christian

  889. and you've got the Spirit,
  890. you're going to put that to death.
  891. And you will do it.
  892. You will do it.
  893. It's a given.
  894. Jesus says that you must do it,
  895. or you will go to hell.
  896. That's as much as saying you will do it.
  897. Listen, everybody who belongs to Christ,

  898. there is a reality.
  899. They have crucified the passions,
  900. the lusts. They have.
  901. Scripture says that.
  902. Scripture says sin will not have
  903. dominion over you.
  904. Scripture says the path to life -
  905. putting to death the deeds of the body.
  906. These are at the front of the line.
  907. You will do this if you're
    on the path to life.
  908. You will.
  909. Because you do have the Spirit.
  910. And because the Spirit will make you holy.
  911. And because if you spend your time
  912. grieving the Spirit, you're
    going to spend time
  913. back in the woodshed too.
  914. And He's going to see to it.
  915. I mean, we have this.
  916. We have this reality.
  917. He disciplines His children;
  918. if you're His child.
  919. But brethren, there are those

  920. who don't make near as much progress
  921. in the Christian life.
  922. There are those who flounder.
  923. There are those who are
  924. more Corinthian-like too many times
  925. in their life.
  926. There are those who don't get the victory.
  927. There are those undoubtedly
  928. in the Christian realm
  929. who grieve the Spirit, quench the Spirit
  930. more than other people.
  931. We don't want to quench the Spirit.
  932. We want to live in the
    power of the Spirit.
  933. Look, the Spirit is a Person.

  934. He's infinitely strong.
  935. He's with the child of God.
  936. Every child of God in this room
  937. has the Spirit of God indwelling.
  938. The Spirit of God is with you.
  939. He is with you and He will be with you
  940. apparently forever.
  941. You have this reality.
  942. And He is a Holy Spirit.
  943. And He sanctifies His people.
  944. Well, if you're not having victory,

  945. it's because He's not
    giving you the victory.
  946. So let's search for the reasons.
  947. Why is the Spirit not giving me victory?
  948. One thing we've looked at:
  949. because you're not seeking to do
  950. what He's telling you to do;
  951. trusting in His power to do it.
  952. Or you've got the Spirit grieved.
  953. What are some other ways
    we can grieve the Spirit?

  954. Look. Sin is what grieves the Spirit.
  955. (incomplete thought)
  956. James talked about choosing things
  957. that are excellent.
  958. Does that mean that if I choose that
  959. which isn't most excellent,
  960. that it may grieve the Spirit?
  961. It may.
  962. I mean, it may.
  963. If you're willingly making wrong choices,
  964. even though that which you're choosing
  965. it's just way down the line
  966. in usefulness and profitableness
  967. in your life...
  968. Brethren, here's the thing.

  969. There's undoubtedly some people
  970. who it's like hearing
    about Spurgeon's take
  971. on Robert Chapman.
  972. How does a man come to be
  973. the holiest man?
  974. The most Christ-like man
  975. that somebody has ever met?
  976. People who met Lloyd-Jones
  977. were blown away.
  978. How does a man get to be like that?
  979. Same way. Without Christ, he's nothing.
  980. It's by the Spirit.
  981. If you want to live in the greatest
  982. demonstrations of the Spirit of God,
  983. the people who are going to live most
  984. in that power, most in that joy,
  985. most in that realm,
  986. they're the people who are
  987. most diligent to walk so carefully
  988. before Him.
  989. They don't want to grieve Him.
  990. They don't want to make a misstep.
  991. They don't want to
    settle for the status quo.
  992. They're trying to reach the excellence.
  993. They don't want to offend Him.
  994. They don't want to do that which
  995. would bring a cloud.
  996. Now think with me about the Spirit.

  997. 2 Thessalonians 2:13 talks about
  998. being sanctified by the Spirit.
  999. I can think of a place there in John 17:17
  1000. that says that we're sanctified
  1001. by the Word.
  1002. Now let me ask you this.
  1003. Are we sanctified by both?
  1004. On the one hand over here,
  1005. when you read Scripture,
  1006. you're sanctified by the Word;
  1007. and then, over here, you're sanctified
  1008. by the Spirit when you do something else?
  1009. Something different?
  1010. Or do you think that perhaps
  1011. the Spirit of God is the one who
  1012. puts to death sin?
  1013. Makes us pure;
  1014. makes us sanctified
  1015. by way of the Scriptures.
  1016. At least one of the ways.
  1017. Yeah. "Sanctify them by Thy truth.
  1018. Thy Word is truth."
  1019. Sanctified by the Holy Spirit.
  1020. It's the Holy Spirit who takes that Word.
  1021. So here's a reality.

  1022. You are not going to live in the power
  1023. of the Spirit - the sanctifying power
  1024. of the Spirit unless you're in the Word.
  1025. Jesus said the Word sanctifies.
  1026. "Sanctify them by Thy Word."
  1027. He's praying to His Father.
  1028. Let me ask you this.
  1029. Do you think that prayer
  1030. is still powerful till this very hour?
  1031. But I can tell you this,

  1032. it's kind of like the man who won't
  1033. try to get up when he's told to get up.
  1034. If you have this book on your shelf
  1035. and it's collecting dust,
  1036. and you're over there struggling
  1037. with sexual immorality,
  1038. if you want to know what the problem is
  1039. go look at yourself in the mirror.
  1040. Look, if you know that Jesus Himself -

  1041. what you have to understand is this:
  1042. Jesus didn't just say
  1043. that we're sanctified by the Word;
  1044. Jesus is actually praying to His Father
  1045. that we would be sanctified by the Word.
  1046. There's a difference.
  1047. The second is better because it expresses
  1048. the truth of the first,
  1049. but it also says that
    God has been prayed to
  1050. by our Messiah who intercedes all the time
  1051. on our behalf.
  1052. And He's actually prayed that prayer
  1053. that this Word would sanctify us.
  1054. If there's no other reason for you never
  1055. to skip a day to be in this book,
  1056. then it's that.
  1057. You say, are you trying to tell me
  1058. that there's a connection between
  1059. me falling into doing
    something with that mouse
  1060. with my computer that
    I shouldn't have done
  1061. and the fact that I didn't read
    the Scriptures that morning?
  1062. Well, I hope you have
    the logical abilities
  1063. to recognize the answer to that is yes.
  1064. I hope you can put the pieces together
  1065. and recognize, oh... yeah.
  1066. He prayed that we would
    be sanctified through it.
  1067. I'm not going to the Word of God.
  1068. Not that you go to it
    like a magic formula.
  1069. That's not it.
  1070. It's that you go to it
  1071. and you feast on the truth
  1072. and you feast on the Christ.
  1073. Remember - beholding the Lord,
  1074. the Spirit transforms us.
  1075. You see, you go there and you find Him.
  1076. You find the Lord.
  1077. You behold His glory.
  1078. You look at Him and His sexual purity.
  1079. Go there. Hear what He said.
  1080. Trust that if He told you
  1081. to gouge out eyes,
  1082. you can do it.
  1083. You can do it.
  1084. He'll help you do it.
  1085. He sent the Spirit here to help us
  1086. to live that way.
  1087. Anybody think of anything else?

  1088. Any other connections?
  1089. Any other connections you can think of
  1090. in Scripture about the Spirit of God?
  1091. Yeah, John Piper preached a message

  1092. on Romans 8:13 - "By the Spirit,
  1093. we put to death the deeds of the body."
  1094. And he was talking about
  1095. he was looking for Scripture -
  1096. where in Scripture does it say
  1097. that we receive the Holy Spirit?
  1098. And he brought up Galatians 3:2
  1099. which says, "Let me ask only this:
  1100. did you receive the Spirit
  1101. by works of the law?
  1102. Or by hearing with faith?"
  1103. And he brought out it's by hearing
  1104. with faith that we receive the Spirit.
  1105. Tim: Why don't you read
    the first five verses all together?
  1106. (from the room) Of Galatians 3?
  1107. Tim: Yeah.
  1108. (from the room)
  1109. "Oh foolish Galatians!
  1110. Who has bewitched you?
  1111. It was before your eyes that Jesus Christ
  1112. was publicly portrayed..."
  1113. Tim: Now, see you
    want to stop right there.
  1114. You see, if you just dive in -
  1115. which isn't wrong -
  1116. I mean, you went to the text
  1117. that Piper dealt with.
  1118. But see, if you dive in where you dove in,
  1119. you know what you get?
  1120. You get the word "faith."
  1121. It's a good word.
  1122. But you know what?
  1123. Sometimes it's a very abstract term.
  1124. You hear "faith" and you miss
  1125. the heart and soul.
  1126. (incomplete thought)
  1127. You don't want to ever miss verse 1.
  1128. Verse 1 is the heart and soul
  1129. of where this faith focuses.
  1130. It is Christ who has been publically
  1131. crucified before you.
  1132. There is power.
  1133. There is power in looking to the cross
  1134. in faith.
  1135. Because brethren, look,
  1136. what that cross does -
  1137. "Blessed are the poor in spirit..."
  1138. When you're in a place
  1139. where you come before the Lord:
  1140. Lord, I can't beat sexual immorality.
  1141. I'm not strong enough.
  1142. But Jesus died on the cross.
  1143. In that death on the cross,
  1144. He unleashed magnificent power.
  1145. Can you think of any other verse?
  1146. I'm thinking of one from Peter.
  1147. Can you think of any other verse
  1148. that talks about the cross
  1149. and righteousness?
  1150. Or the cross and power?
  1151. The cross and producing righteousness?
  1152. Anybody think of any other verses?

  1153. Titus 2:14 - "Who gave Himself for us
  1154. to redeem us from all lawlessness
  1155. and to purify for Himself a people..."
  1156. To purify for Himself a people
  1157. of His own possession.
  1158. I mean, yeah.
  1159. You want to look at the cross.
  1160. Now, keep going. That was just v. 1.

  1161. (Galatians) "Let me ask you this.
  1162. Did you receive the Spirit
  1163. by words of the law or
    by hearing with faith?
  1164. Tim: Ok. That's in the beginning.
  1165. Did you receive?
  1166. This is when you first received.
  1167. Did that happen by faith or by works?
  1168. Hearing of faith or the works of the law?
  1169. Now, keep going.
  1170. "Are you so foolish?
  1171. Having begun by the Spirit,
  1172. are you now being perfected by the flesh?"
  1173. Tim: Oh, you better stop right there.
  1174. Perfected.

  1175. That's the word we want.
  1176. Do you want to be perfected
  1177. when it comes to sexual immorality?
  1178. You see what he's saying?
  1179. You started the right way.
  1180. Perfected is another way to say
  1181. He's transforming us,
  1182. from glory to glory.
  1183. That's being perfected.
  1184. It's being made like Christ.
  1185. He says you talk about
    grieving the Spirit?
  1186. You see, he's been
    talking about the Spirit
  1187. and now in the next verse,
  1188. he's going to come back
    to the Spirit again.
  1189. Keep going.
  1190. "Did you suffer so many things in vain
  1191. if indeed it was in vain?
  1192. Does He who supplies the Spirit to you
  1193. and works miracles among you
  1194. do so by works of the law
  1195. or by hearing with faith?"
  1196. Now there it is.

  1197. Now it's not received;
  1198. now it's supplied.
  1199. And it's the ongoing working
  1200. of the supernatural in your life.
  1201. You see, he jumped from one to the other.
  1202. And right in the middle, he brought up,
  1203. what are you thinking?
  1204. See, I would say this to all of us.

  1205. If you move away from the cross,
  1206. he would say this to you:
  1207. what are you thinking?
  1208. You know what?
  1209. I don't doubt you can find lots of plans -
  1210. quick ten step plans, you know,
  1211. probably adulterers anonymous
  1212. or something is out there.
  1213. But brethren, there may be a lot
  1214. of quick fix programs
  1215. on the fast path to sexual purity.
  1216. Undoubtedly, there's all
    sorts of books written
  1217. and there's programs out there.
  1218. People get tempted by these things.
  1219. Come spend $2,000
  1220. and come to this program
  1221. and we'll fix you;
  1222. we'll set you right.
  1223. You know, if somebody simply
  1224. took their Bibles and sat down
  1225. with the first five verses of Galatians 3,
  1226. and they just took time to study those,
  1227. meditate on them before the Lord
  1228. and get on their face,
  1229. and really seek to understand
    the implications
  1230. of those passages,
  1231. you know where the power is?
  1232. In the Spirit.
  1233. You know how the Spirit is supplied?
  1234. By faith.
  1235. By faith in Him who was
    held up before them
  1236. as publicly crucified.
  1237. Can I tell you something?

  1238. There is a reason why the Lord's Supper
  1239. is an ongoing ordinance
  1240. in the life of the church.
  1241. It's because God wants us to come back
  1242. to the death of His Son
  1243. over and over and over
  1244. and remember Him. Why?
  1245. Because it is there
  1246. that your very spiritual life exists.
  1247. That is where the price was paid.
  1248. That is where the sin was paid.
  1249. That is where He died on the cross
  1250. to make a people that would be
  1251. pure and righteous and holy
  1252. and people of His own possession.
  1253. That is where the power flows.
  1254. The Spirit supplied as we look.
  1255. What you have to recognize is this:

  1256. Was the Spirit not just as real
  1257. in the lives of these Galatians
  1258. as in Paul himself?
  1259. Yes.
  1260. Why was the Spirit not doing
  1261. what the Spirit could have done
  1262. to perfect the people?
  1263. Because they went about it wrong.
  1264. Undoubtedly, we come back to
  1265. grieving the Spirit.
  1266. But the thing is,
  1267. when we take our eyes off of Christ
  1268. and we seek other gimmicks
  1269. in our seeking to be prefected -
  1270. don't get hung up on that.
  1271. That's Paul's terminology.
  1272. We should be pursuing perfection.
  1273. I'm not saying that Paul is teaching
  1274. we'll find it.
  1275. But I'm saying we should
    be shooting for it.
  1276. If you should be shooting
  1277. towards Christ-likeness,
  1278. how could it not be perfection?
  1279. That's what He is.
  1280. Should we be seeking to be perfected?
  1281. Yes.
  1282. We should.
  1283. How?
  1284. Well, you see, when you do
  1285. what the Galatians did,
  1286. you know what he has to tell them
  1287. not to do in chapter 5?
  1288. Bite and devour each other.
  1289. Why?
  1290. You see what happens when you try

  1291. to live the Christian life
  1292. and you're not tapping into
  1293. the power of the Spirit?
  1294. Suddenly, carnality,
    fleshy-ness breaks out
  1295. in their life.
  1296. You say, could it be that I'm struggling
  1297. with sexual sin because I've purposely
  1298. missed the Lord's Supper
    the last two times?
  1299. Yeah.
  1300. Could it be because I haven't been
  1301. reading in one of the Gospel's
  1302. and actually taking the time
  1303. to behold the Christ there?
  1304. And to see Him?
  1305. And to think on His death?
  1306. Yeah.
  1307. I mean, you see,

  1308. the Spirit is your best Friend.
  1309. But what you want is the Spirit
  1310. in such a condition as He is
  1311. eager to help you be holy.
  1312. And He is moving to make you holy.
  1313. And He is pouring grace upon you.
  1314. And He is infusing power into you.
  1315. That's what you want.
  1316. And that's how you'll be victorious.
  1317. But just because you have the Spirit,
  1318. doesn't mean He's all-out moving
  1319. for you to overcome.
  1320. There's all sorts of ways we can grieve,
  1321. we can quench, we can not use
  1322. the very means,
  1323. we can not seek to appropriate
  1324. the things that the Spirit
    (incomplete thought).
  1325. It's like, you know,
  1326. the Spirit can say to us,
  1327. you know, there's no ink in that pen.
  1328. But you get down there and right with it.
  1329. I'll cause the ink to flow
  1330. once you're writing with it.
  1331. So much of the Christian
    life is like that,
  1332. where we are being told,
  1333. do the impossible.
  1334. And we're not supposed to look and say
  1335. it's impossible; I'm not going to do it.
  1336. No. This is a life that we walk
  1337. in faith, trusting that God's power
  1338. will flow through us.
  1339. Without Christ, I can't do anything.
  1340. But with Christ strengthening me,
  1341. we can do all things through Christ
  1342. who strengthens me.
  1343. But you see, I can do all things
  1344. through Christ who strengthens me.
  1345. It's not that He's going
    to do them for me.
  1346. I have to actually set forth.
  1347. I need to step.
  1348. Peter didn't just float on the water.

  1349. Jesus didn't just waft him out
  1350. and he just floated out and sat down
  1351. on the water and stood on it.
  1352. Jesus said, "Come."
  1353. He needed to get up.
  1354. He needed to step out of the boat.
  1355. And then he found, it supported him.
  1356. And then when he took his eyes off Christ?
  1357. You see, Jesus is telling
    us the same thing

  1358. with regards to sexual sin.
  1359. Here He is out walking the perfect life
  1360. when it comes to purity.
  1361. And He says, "Follow Me."
  1362. "Come on out of that boat."
  1363. And you set your eyes on Him
  1364. and you put your foot out,
  1365. and you still start walking in purity.
  1366. And guess what happens when you
  1367. take your eyes off of Him?
  1368. You sink.
  1369. And then what happens?
  1370. You put your eyes back on Him.
  1371. And He reaches out and
    He grabs hold of you
  1372. and He takes you back up.
  1373. It's the same.
  1374. It's the same over and over
  1375. throughout the Christian life.
  1376. The Spirit of God.
  1377. Your best friend when it comes to
  1378. putting to death the deeds of the body.
  1379. Any other comments or thoughts on that?
  1380. Father, help us to live

  1381. in the light of these truths
  1382. and the power of these truths.
  1383. We pray in Christ's name,
  1384. Amen.