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  1. Now it's your turn to set up a goal for
    your app.
  2. You do that in the admin dashboard.
  3. Go to Goals and
    then you create a new goal.
  4. Make sure your app is sending
    the hits Analytics needs.
  5. To figure out if the goal is being met.
  6. And use it in a way that you know that
    the goal is going to be satisfied.
  7. And you shouldn't need to re-deploy
    the app after you set up the goal.
  8. So I found in the real time
    screen of Analytics Dashboard,
  9. I did not see the goals being converted.
  10. So you're just going to have to be
    patient, and check back in your
  11. Analytics Dashboard after some amount of
    time, to see that the goals were met.
  12. And what kind of goal did you create?
  13. Did you create a destination goal?
  14. Duration goal?
  15. A screens per session goal?
  16. For an event goal.
  17. So, I want you to carry on going
    on through this course, and
  18. checking back periodically
    in your dashboard
  19. to see your goal conversion
    data when it comes in.
  20. I recommend that you don't wait for it.