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ICANN, .nyc, and Multistakeholder Innovation - November 24 2014


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ICANN, .nyc, and Multistakeholder Innovation - at Manhattan Borough President's Office NYC on November 24 2014.

00:08 Veni Markowski, Vice President - Engagement with the United Nations, ICANN
00:54 Gale Brewer. Manhattan Borough President
03:11 Participants

04:51 Jeff Merritt, Mayor's Office of Tech and Innovation, City of New York
08:19 Jeff Neuman, Vice President, Registry Services, Neustar, Inc.
26:25 Q&A

43:17 Fadi Chehadé

58:46 Surveillance (& NetMundial)
1:05:37 NameSpace
1:09:35 ISOC & NetMundial
1:14:42 Internet Freedom Act
1:15:30 .gay and the Community Evaluation Process
1:16:59 1) NetMundial participation; 2) freedom of speech; 3) Internet resilience.