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  1. A 3 decker!
  2. Consisting of One - The Sneetches
  3. Two - The Zax
  4. and Three - Green Eggs and Ham
  5. Now the star bellied sneetches had bellys with stars.
  6. The plain bellied sneetches had none
    upon thars.
  7. No stars on their bellys. No stars upon thars.
  8. Now those stars weren't so big.
  9. They were really quite small.
  10. You would think such a thing wouldn't matter at all.
  11. But because they had stars, all the
  12. star bellied sneetches would brag.
  13. "We're the best kind of sneetch on the beaches!"
  14. With their snoots in the air,
  15. the would sniff and they'd snort.
  16. They'd have nothing to do with the plain
    bellied sort.
  17. "Ronald, remember, when you are out walking,
  18. you walk past a sneetch of that type without talking."
  19. "Keep your snoot in the air, and remember
    to snort.
  20. We have no truck whatever with the
    plain bellied sort."
  21. When the star bellied children went out to play ball.
  22. Could a plain belly get in the game? Not at all!
  23. You only could play if your bellies had stars.
  24. And the plain bellied children had none
    upon thars.
  25. Yar Yar...your belly's got no stars.
  26. When the star bellied sneetches had
    frankfurter roasts,
  27. or picnics or parties or marshmallow toasts,
  28. They never invited the plain belly sneetches.
  29. They left them out cold and in the dark
  30. on the beaches.
  31. They kept them away.
  32. They never let them come near.
  33. That's how they treated them year
    after year.
  34. They got snort. They got snooted.
  35. Their bottoms got booted.
  36. While the star bellied sneetches all taunted
    and hooted.
  37. "They just are not suited. No stars upon thars!"
  38. Then one day, it seems while the plain
  39. bellied sneetches were moping and doping
  40. alone on the beaches, just sitting there
  41. wishing their bellies had stars.
  42. A stranger approached in the strangest of cars.
  43. "My friends, I have seen they've been treating you mean.
  44. My name is Sylvester McMonkey McBean.
  45. I know precisely why you're so unhappy.
  46. And that I can fix. I'm the fix it up chappy.
  47. machine noises
  48. My prices are low, and I work with great
  49. speed and my work is 100% guaranteed.
  50. By my new patent process of protoprotoxis
  51. of the inner subnuclear neausbaum nogoxsis
  52. you'll get a star like the star bellied
  53. sneetch for the mere paltry payment of $3 each.
  54. A star? Here?
  55. Yes my friend, there.
  56. And the first to go through gets the trip at
  57. half fare.
  58. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
  59. machine noises
  60. It works!
  61. Yeah, It works! It works!
  62. Ladies and gentlemen. We are faced with a
  63. most awkward dilemma.
  64. We're the true star bellys.
  65. We had them first.
  66. We're still the best sneetches, and
  67. they're still the worst.
  68. Yeah, but how are we going to proove it?
  69. Which is which? I can't tell us apart.
  70. Let me through...excuse me.
  71. Step aside please. Thank you.
  72. You don't know me my friends
  73. but calm down if you can, I'm here
  74. to help the original star bellied clan.
  75. Those upstarts it's true now have
  76. stars just like you.
  77. But follow me my friends and you know what
  78. I'll do? I'll make you again the best sneetches
  79. on the beaches and all it will cost you is
  80. $10 eaches.
  81. Belly stars my dear friends are no
  82. longer in style. I'll have yours off in a
  83. very short while.
  84. In my wondrous machine which
  85. eradicates stars. Then you won't look like sneetches
  86. who have them on thars.
  87. Eradicate these? Eradicates these with
    the greatest of ease!
  88. Provided you pay your 10 bucks if you please.
  89. Here's $10 for the boy and $10 for me.
  90. Thank you.
  91. Thank you. Thank you.
  92. machine noises
  93. How original! How distinctive!
  94. How exclusive!
  95. Then of course, those with stars
  96. all got frightfully mad.
  97. To be wearing a star now was frightfully bad.
  98. And of course old Sylvester McMonkey
  99. invited them into his "Star Off" machine.
  100. Thank you. Thank you.
  101. machine noise
  102. Then of course from then on,
  103. as you probably guessed, things really
    got into a horrible mess.
  104. machine noise
  105. All the rest of that day
  106. on those wild screaming beaches,
  107. the fix it up chappy kept fixing up
  108. Off again, on again, in again, out again.
  109. Through the machine, they raced round and about
  110. again changing their stars every minute or two.
  111. They kept paying money.
  112. They kept running through until
  113. neither the plain or the star bellies
  114. knew whether this one or that one was
  115. this one or which one was what one.
  116. Or what one was who.
  117. Then, when every last cent of their money
  118. was spent, the fix it up chappy
  119. packed up and he went.
  120. machine noise
  121. And he laughed as he drove his
  122. car up the beach.
  123. They never will learn. No, you can't
    teach a sneetch.
  124. But, McBean was quite wrong.
  125. I am happy to say that the sneetches
  126. got really quite smart on that day.
  127. That day they decided that sneetches
  128. are sneetches and no kind of sneetch
  129. is the best on the beaches.
  130. That day all the sneetches forgot about stars,
  131. and whether or not they had one upon thars.