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PopCap games founder John Vechey introduces the concept of 'events' inside video games.

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  1. Now we're going to learn about something that
    all game programmers use everyday. They're
  2. called "events." An event tells your program
    to listen for when something happens. And
  3. then when it does, it performs an action.
    Some examples of events are listening for
  4. a mouse click, an arrow button, or a tap on
    the screen. Here, we're going to make Baymax
  5. move up to touch Hiro and move down to touch
    Rapunzel when the player uses the up/down
  6. arrow keys or the up/down buttons. We'll use
    the "when up arrow" block and attach the "move
  7. actor up" block to it, so when the player
    presses the up arrow key, everything attached
  8. to the "when up arrow" block is run. We'll
    do the same thing to make Baymax move down.
  9. Step by step your game is getting more interactive.