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Sign Vocabulary & Tips for Easier Communication with Me

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For my personal care assistants (PCAs), especially new hires. Please watch it with the sound on first to learn the signs. Then try watching with the sound OFF to see if you can remember the vocab!

Most of these are basic ASL (American Sign Language) signs, but a few of them are signs I've made up, for which I don't know the real signs (such as for the 2-way radio, computer mouse, and computer touchpad). I use a lot of V/G (visual/gestural) to communicate when my voice isn't working. But I thought the best way to help you learn to understand me is from me. :-)

If you want to learn real ASL, don't learn it from me. I have a lot of bad habits, and sometimes my impairments get in the way (that was a very tired middle finger on the "K"!). Learn real ASL from a Deaf teacher!