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  1. It turns out we can always set up a proportion to solve direct and inverse
  2. variation problems. Let's try this one out. For this problem the area of a
  3. circle varies directly with the square of it's radius. A circle with a side
  4. length of 3 inches has an area of 28 and 278 thousandths inches squared. What is
  5. the area of circle with a radius of 4 and 1 tenth inches? Now this problem is
  6. very similar to the last one we just did. Except you need to include on more
  7. thing. We're not just varying directly, we're varying directly with the square
  8. of something. What do you think you're going to do? Try playing around with this
  9. one and I hope you'll get it. Good luck. Also you don't want to round while you
  10. solve the problem. When you find the final answer, round your answer to the
  11. nearest thousandth. And again, I've already included the unit here of inches
  12. squared, so just write in your area here.