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  1. Randomization is awesome. It is a great tool for verification. It can generate a
  2. lot of random scenarios for our device. The problem with randomization is it's
  3. like flying blind. You don't really know what has been going on. Right? Because
  4. you use all this automation. If we generate random traffic for our router, we
  5. can send all kinds of different packets and things like that. That but we really
  6. don't know what has happened inside of the router. Essential facts like filling
  7. level is throughout a full, empty, half full. We have no idea, so we need to
  8. lift a curtain further. So we can observe what has been going on and what
  9. randomization has achieved. Now theoretically you could go ahead and inspect
  10. what the result of the randomization is, you could print out some messages and
  11. inspect those. But that doesn't really scale, you can't do this manually, we
  12. need an automated solution. We need an automated solution that lets us answer
  13. the question, are we there yet? Have we done enough verification? And this
  14. automation is called coverage. At the end of the day, there are no excuses in
  15. verification.