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  1. Happy birthday!
  2. The zoo has some new-born baby possums.
  3. Let's add them to the database.
  4. To do that, we need a different SQL
    statement, the insert statement.
  5. Insert adds a row to a table.
  6. When you write an insert,
    you tell the database,
  7. what values to put into
    the columns of that table.
  8. If the new values aren't in the same
    order, as the table's columns,.
  9. Then you also have to tell it
    what columns they go into.
  10. On the next page,
    you'll see two queries in the editor.
  11. One of them is the select query and
    the other is an insert.
  12. Your job is to fill in the second query,
    with the right insert statement.
  13. When you press the test run or
    submit button, you'll see the results of
  14. the select before the insert, and
    then the results after the insert.
  15. And here's what we'd like to do.
  16. Find the opossums that
    are already in the table, and
  17. add the newborn opossum to the table.