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  1. For the coefficients, we just divide them. We know 8 divided by 2 makes 4. For
  2. the bases of x, however, we want to subtract their exponents. We have 7 minus
  3. positive 1, which is 6. Another way to think about it is we would have x to the
  4. 6th left in the numerator. So 4x to the 6th is our first term. 6x to the 4th
  5. would be our second term. 12 divded by 2 makes 6. And x to the 5th divided by x
  6. to the 1 makes x to the 4th. Our last term should be negative 3x squared. 6
  7. divided by 2 equals negative 3. We know it's negative because the sign is
  8. negative. And then x to the 3rd divided by x to the 1 is x squared, or x to the
  9. 2nd. Here's the answer to dividing this polynomial. Great work if you got it
  10. right.