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  1. Hour of Code Minecraft | Loops
  2. Hi, I'm Lisa.
  3. I'm a software developer on Minecraft and
    I work on some of the animals and enemies
  4. in the game.
  5. One of the animals that I worked on is the
    ocelot and I worked on the part where when
  6. you're holding the fish the ocelot will sneak
    towards you.
  7. And if you feed it the fish, you tame it,
    and the ocelot is your own cat.
  8. As humans, we get really bored if we have
    to do the same thing over and over and over
  9. again.
  10. But the cool thing about computers is that
    they can do the same thing millions or even
  11. billions of times in a row without getting
  12. This repetition is called a loop and every
    creature in Minecraft uses loops.
  13. Earlier, we got a chicken to move across the
    screen but then she stopped.
  14. In Minecraft, the chickens wander around forever
    and ever.
  15. Let's use a "forever do" loop from our toolbox
    to keep our chickens moving around forever
  16. too.
  17. The power of loops will save you tons of time
    and open up all kinds of neat options as you
  18. build your own version of Minecraft.