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  1. Welcome back. The goal of this course is to get you to level
  2. up from an already awesome developer
  3. to an even awesomer design minded developer.
  4. >> Exactly. So let's start by reviewing what you learned
  5. in Lesson 1. The first thing we learned in Lesson 1
  6. was, we defined UX and disambiguated it from UI. Then
  7. we gave you an awesome visceral example of great user experience.
  8. >> I love that visceral example.
  9. >> And we also use two examples of a sign
  10. in form and a checkout form to illustrate why it's bad to
  11. start with detail first thinking. It
  12. basically causes you to only optimize locally.
  13. >> Yeah, exactly. You end up creating some really awesome
  14. forms, but the overall application might suffer, and if you zoom
  15. out you actually get an idea what the application should do.
  16. And then you might decide you don't even need those ones.
  17. >> Exactly and then we also learned a technique called LO RES
  18. wire framing, which helps you think about your application as a
  19. series of steps that your user needs to go through to
  20. accomplish a certain task. So now that we know that we're
  21. supposed to think in this way, where do we go from here?
  22. What do we do next? So in Lesson 1 we are
  23. really focusing on the smart phone. But now we're going to start
  24. focusing on the person. So we need to ask ourselves, who
  25. is our end user? Or who are we making this application for?
  26. >> So Isabel, how do we focus on the user?
  27. >> And that's a great question. And the answers all lie
  28. ahead in Lesson 2, where we're going to talk all about how
  29. to design for our end user. Before we get started, let's
  30. go over a quick overview of what you're going to learn in Lesson
  31. 2. We're going to discuss two things. The first is how to
  32. design applications for a specific type of user, or a persona,
  33. and their use cases. The second thing is, how to build
  34. a feature list that's tailored for your persona and your use case
  35. to make sure that your application will really delight your user.
  36. >> Sounds great, Isabelle. Let's get started