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  1. Welcome to Intro to Psychology.
  2. I'm Lauren.
  3. I'm Susan.
  4. And I'm Greg.
  5. We're your instructors for this course.
  6. We're going to take you
    on your journey through psychology.
  7. We'll go over different areas of psychology
    and how different psychologists examine
  8. and explain thought and behavior.
  9. We are all very different.
    We like different things.
  10. We think differently.
    We even react differently.
  11. So for instance, I have something here
  12. that might create
    different reactions in people.
  13. Ooh. Look at this guy.
  14. My snake Tickles. I've come to really
    enjoy him. He's a nice snake.
  15. I wouldn't mind holding Tickles
  16. or touching him but I certainly
    wouldn't want him as a pet.
  17. Lauren?
  18. No, no, I don't do snakes.
  19. You don't do snakes.
  20. No. I don't do snakes.
  21. The perfect example of how people
    react differently to different situations.
  22. So, there's many different areas
    of psychology, for instance,
  23. personality psychologists would look
    at what's going on here
  24. and try to really understand
    the individual differences in the fear
  25. and why I'm not really afraid, you're
    fine and she's more or less terrified.
  26. behavioral Psychologists might look
    at an individual's learning history.
  27. So, for example I was exposed to a lot
    of snakes when I was growing up.
  28. So, perhaps I've learned that snakes
    aren't dangerous for me.
  29. And a Social Psychologist may look
    at how other people's behavior
  30. influences our own. So, for example,
    looking at other people's reactions
  31. may influence our own reactions.
  32. A biological psychologist, perhaps,
    may look at Lauren's fright response
  33. in terms of increase in heart rate,
    or even sweating. And a neuroscientist.
  34. They may look at the areas of the brain
    that are activated during the fear response,
  35. such as the amygdala.
  36. But for now, I think it's time
    for Tickles to head home.
  37. Even though this example exploited
    my fear of snakes. Thanks a lot Greg.
  38. It was a really effective tool for Susan
  39. and Greg to use to show you just
    how diverse psychology can be.
  40. Now psychology is defined as a study
    of thought and behavior
  41. and is an amazing way
    to make sense of our world