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Janine Antoni: Milagros | "Exclusive" | Art21


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Episode #196: Filmed in 2013, Janine Antoni discusses the sculptures in her solo exhibition "Within" at the Mattress Factory in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Antoni explains how this body of work was inspired by small religious votive charms called milagros ("miracles"), which often take the shape of an ailing area of the body, such as a limb or organ. For her sculptures, Antoni grafted together resin body parts—a hand clasping a coccyx, for instance—to explore the meanings created by two impossible juxtapositions. Antoni is shown at work in her Brooklyn, New York studio.

Janine Antoni's work blurs the distinction between performance art and sculpture. Antoni transforms everyday activities such as eating, bathing, and sleeping into ways of making art, such as painting and sculpting. Themes in her work include mortality, desire, and the body.

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"Exclusive" is supported, in part, by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council; 21c Museum Hotel, and by individual contributors.

CREDITS: Producer: Ian Forster. Consulting Producer: Wesley Miller & Nick Ravich. Interview: Ian Forster. Camera: Ben Hernstrom, Rafael Salazar & Ava Wiland. Sound: Ava Wiland. Editor: Morgan Riles. Artwork Courtesy: Janine Antoni & Mattress Factory. Theme Music: Peter Foley.