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  1. And here are the answers that I would give to these two questions.
  2. Obviously, dimensionally the data is two. There's an X dimension and a Y dimension.
  3. But I believe you can represent this all in one dimension. If you pick this dimension over here,
  4. then the major variation of the data goes along this dimension.
  5. If you were, for example, to look at the orthogonal dimension in this direction over here,
  6. you would find that there's very little variation in the second dimension.
  7. So if you only graphed your data along one dimension, you'd be doing well.
  8. Now, this is an example of unsupervised learning where you'll find structure in terms of lower dimensionality of data.
  9. And especially for very high dimensional data like image data, this will be an important technique.
  10. So I'll talk a little bit later in this unit about dimensionality reduction.
  11. So in this class we've learned about clustering, dimensionality reduction, and we'll apply it to a number of interesting problems.