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  1. Now before we move on to the combined approach with Greg, let's do a quick
  2. recap of the psychological therapies. Let's first start with psychodynamic
  3. therapy. The goal of psychodynamic therapy is to uncover the repressed or
  4. unconscious thoughts, feelings, and motives one has. The techniques of
  5. psychodynamic therapy are things like dream interpretation, and free
  6. association. Now let's move on to humanistic therapies. The goal of humanistic
  7. therapy is to create conditions for optimal personal growth. The techniques for
  8. humanistic therapy are unconditional positive regard, and empathic listening.
  9. The goal of behavioral therapy is to change reinforcers and rewards, to change
  10. maladaptive behavior. The techniques include classical and operate
  11. conditioning, token economies, and systematic desensitization. The goal of
  12. cognitive therapy is to change emotions or irrational thoughts. The technique
  13. used in cognitive therapy is critical questioning, and challenge a person's
  14. thoughts with logic. The goal of cognitive behavioral therapy is to change
  15. behavior and thoughts. The technique used in cognitive behavioral therapy is to
  16. restructure thoughts, and use incentives for acquiring more adaptive thoughts
  17. and behaviors. There's also the use of appraisal. The goal of group therapy is
  18. to create a support group in a community to show the person that he or she is
  19. not alone. The technique for group therapy is something like a support group or
  20. a 12-step program. Now that we've done a brief overview of the psychological
  21. therapies, let's go on to Greg for our final section, which is the combined
  22. approach.