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  1. Okay, you're about to do some shorter
    warm-up problems before we code an app.
  2. While you're working on these problems,
    you might want to copy over code
  3. examples into an application and
    actually try running it.
  4. Now you might be thinking
    about putting this sort of
  5. random Java code that you're testing
    out into your Just Java app, but
  6. this could get a little bit messy.
  7. So instead of potentially
    messing up your Just Java app,
  8. I humbly suggest making a new app.
  9. Okay, so you'll want to click on the
    Start a new Android Studio project, and
  10. then you can use these specs
    to create your new project.
  11. If you get stuck,
    you can watch the solution video, or
  12. I'll quickly get up and run it.
  13. If you want a slower moving video,
    I've provided a link to the video from
  14. practice set one, where you set
    up the happy birthday project.
  15. All right, get to it.
  16. Don't worry, I'll wait for you.