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  1. After you decide which model you wish
    to implement, it's time to shape it and
  2. learn from it what is working and
    what's not.
  3. >> We'll go into the details of how
    to track success in the next lesson.
  4. But, it's important to get
    the hooks in place early,
  5. so that you can monitor
    performance later.
  6. At this point, you also probably
    want to track as much as possible.
  7. Think about any actions and
    events that you can learn from,
  8. and add them to the tracking,
    so that it's set by default.
  9. >> If you have a decent audience,
    it might be a good idea to
  10. test your model on x% of your users,
    and learn from it.
  11. If you want to learn more about A/B
    testing, we've linked to another A/B
  12. testing course on Udacity
    in the instructor notes.
  13. In the next node,
    we'll provide resources telling you
  14. exactly how to set up
    tracking in your product.
  15. We recommend that you follow the steps
    now to get things set up early.
  16. If you currently don't have a product
    that you can track, then we recommend
  17. reading through the resources to
    familiarize yourself with the process.
  18. And then bookmark relevant
    resources to return to later.