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  1. The material tells you,
    "Okay, you are doing quite well."
  2. "I like you like this."
  3. "Go further. Stop here."
  4. You play and you test your borders,
    as a small chihuahua, or dog.
  5. You try to see who is the master
    and the material always stops you.
  6. Mostly I take my works from anecdotes,
    like my childhood.
  7. I was born in Kurdistan, Iraq.
  8. Kurdistan is a minority in Iraq.
  9. Color TVs didn't come to Kurdistan because
  10. the government is not investing always
    in those minority areas.
  11. So my father was putting color foil
    on the TV.
  12. One week we had it red,
    one week we had blue.
  13. The whole city was doing that.
  14. It's a very silent protest.