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  1. Hi, my name's Rob.
    I live in Brooklyn, New York.
  2. I came here to the Obama campaign training because
  3. I want to make sure that Barack Obama is the candidate
  4. for the Democratic Party in 2008.
  5. I lived in New York on September 11th.
  6. And as the war in Afghanistan progressed
  7. and the war in Iraq started,
  8. I started to realize
  9. that something really terrible that had happened
  10. to our country was being taken advantage of.
  11. And, I think Barack Obama,
  12. because of his background,
  13. is the best candidate
  14. to make the world a safer
  15. and more peaceful place.
  16. I got my interest in politics from my dad,
    but not my political beliefs.
  17. He ran for office for the first time
    when I was a teenager,
  18. and now he's planning to run for
    The U.S. House of Representatives.
  19. (loud speaker) Arizona Corporation Commissioner
    Jeff Hatch-Miller is here
  20. to celebrate Thanksgiving with us.
  21. (Jeff) Happy Thanksgiving!
  22. I like what I'm doing.
  23. I like being a public servant,
    and I want to do meaningful things.
  24. (Robert) My dad and I disagree about almost everything,
  25. so it's hard for us to understand each other.
  26. Name any issue,
    and we're on opposite sides.
  27. In 1968,
    when you were graduating from college,
  28. do you think you ever would have imagined
    that you would be running for Congress
  29. in the same political party as Richard Nixon?
  30. You know, if you're not liberal when you're young,
    then you don't have a heart,
  31. and if you're not conservative when you're old,
    you don't have a brain.
  32. It's pretty scary to think that when I get older
    I might end up more like him.
  33. It was the fall of 2007
  34. and my parents had just moved
    into an enormous new house outside Phoenix
  35. in the congressional district
  36. where my dad planned to run.
  37. So this is out where I keep my trash, actually.
  38. But this isn't trash.
    It's just the location to
  39. store the bigger signs that
    we don't really have room for
  40. in the house or in the garage.
  41. Yeah, there's several types.
    I've kept them over the years.
  42. So here's another one.
  43. This is the big,
    giant eight foot by four foot sign.
  44. Sort of like a billboard, isn't it?
  45. - (Robert) Enormous.
  46. Enormous size. Right, that's the big one.
  47. I have a long name,
    and so I need a sign with a lot of width.
  48. My first sign. What does it say?
  49. (Robert) Republican.
  50. Republican. Clearly on there.
  51. And I'm proud to be Republican.
    I think in politics you got to choose a side.

  52. (Robert) Of course.
  53. It's like in football,
    I guess you can sit there and watch the game
  54. and you don't care which team wins, but
  55. you're going to choose the side
    that you think best represents you,
  56. maybe that's a college team
    or a high school team
  57. or maybe that's a political party.
  58. (Robert) And I'm proud to be a democrat.
    - There you go.
  59. It's not that I don't want to understand him.
  60. I wish I could figure him out.
  61. But it's hard to think of him as anything
    other than a typical Republican
  62. when he has a picture of himself
    with George Bush hanging on the wall.
  63. (Robert) Let's try to find the picture of dad
    and George W. Bush.
  64. - Alright.
    - I don't know, let's look upstairs.
  65. (Robert) Try in the closet.
    You know it's hidden somewhere.
  66. - They used to have it displayed so proudly.
    - Isn't it in his office?
  67. - It'd be in a frame right?
    - It'd be in a frame somewhere.
  68. - Why is it hidden?
    - That's a good question.
  69. Not in there.
  70. Not in here.
  71. Clothes. Clothes. Clothes.
  72. (Robert) Seems unlikely they would keep it next to their bed.
  73. Well, if it's really hidden,
  74. this would be the place
    where it would be wrong to look.
  75. I've got it.
  76. How many of these do you have?
  77. I have quite a few with President Bush.
  78. There is two lovely, lovely people.
  79. Here it is, my Republican dad,
  80. next to the worst president in American history.
  81. But the most important one of all,
  82. bet you're going to say "I can't believe it."
  83. - It's you and mom and two liberal democrats.
  84. Oh look!
    Here's one before we were married, Rob.
  85. (Robert) Was dad interested in politics
  86. when you guys first started dating?
  87. He was politically interested,
  88. in a different way than I was.
  89. - Did you guys argue about politics?
    - (Jeff) No.
  90. No, I was right and he was wrong.
  91. (laughs) Right?
  92. You look like kind of a hippie there, Dad.
  93. I was kind of a hippie. You know,
    I grew up in the Haight-Ashbury days.
  94. - (Anita) But he was in the national guard.
    - Yeah I was in the national guard,
  95. but I was up at Berkley,
    and they were having peace marches,
  96. and I was in command of a truck that would
    disperse tear gas, although we never did.
  97. But I was sympathetic to more of the
    hippie kind of crowd, the more Peacenik crowd.
  98. In fact, a couple nights I had time off so I went and
  99. we went down to some of the peace demonstrations
  100. where they were chanting and beating drums.
  101. It's definitely not comforting to know
    that my dad used to be different.
  102. I don't understand how he changed so much.
  103. That's exactly what I don't want to happen to me.
  104. It's an elephant,
    but made out of wood from Bethlehem.
  105. - It's Bethlehem, right Trish?
    - That's right.
  106. Yeah. Isn't that cool?
  107. So it's kind of like a religious elephant.
  108. - A Christian elephant.
    - A political and religious elephant.
  109. Goes right with Huckabee and Romney
    and the rest, right? Fits right in.
  110. (Robert) Church and state together at last.
  111. Well, there you go.
  112. ♪ ♪
  113. Government sets out to do big things,
  114. but it doesn't lead to the better result.
  115. I was more liberal when I was younger,
  116. and now I think of myself as an
    independent-minded Republican.
  117. I'm not one that's bound
    by what it is that
  118. everybody says you have to believe in
    if you're a Republican.
  119. So they may have a course
    they want everybody to follow,
  120. I just make up my own mind.
  121. - What are you guys doing today?
    - (Both) We're going to kindergarten.
  122. To kindergarten?
  123. Are you excited?
    - I don't know.
  124. - Do you want to go?
    - I don't know.
  125. - How come?
    - I don't know.
  126. - Are you a little nervous?
    - I don't know.
  127. Okay,
  128. - And Robert, how about you, son?
    - I know everything.
  129. You already know everything?
  130. Yeah.
  131. I wish I could say I'm more mature now,
  132. but in a lot of ways,
    I'm still that same know-it-all kid
  133. who thinks I'm right and he's wrong.
  134. And if my dad does become a Congressman,
    it's only going to get worse.
  135. (Mark) I don't know anybody
    who's a Republican.
  136. (Anita) You know people
    who can give $5 or $10.
  137. - Yeah, that's a token amount though.
    - That's all we need is $5 or $10.
  138. - That's not true.
    - Yes it is.
  139. (Robert) Mom, you guys can raise $5 or $10
    from Republicans in Arizona.
  140. (Robert) What I'm saying is it's
    not necessarily a good year
  141. for a Republican running for Congress in general.
  142. Well we don't know that yet,
    because things are so fluid, things change so fast.
  143. The situation in Iraq is
    changing pretty dramatically,
  144. and it's never going to be easy
    to win in a congressional primary.
  145. (Robert) But I mean in terms
    of winning against a Democrat.
  146. It's a really big sacrifice of our personal lives,
    our personal time.
  147. But that's not the point.
  148. (Anita) But that's a real change in day-to-day life.
  149. (Robert) Listen, I want you to know
    a couple of things right off the bat.
  150. Mom already asked,
    I'm not going to raise any money for you.
  151. (Jeff laughs)
  152. And I will never get on stage and say
    "vote for my dad over a Democrat."
  153. I will not do it.
  154. But I will go in public and I'll say
    "my dad's an honest man."
  155. "He's as worthy of holding this office
    as anybody else is."
  156. From my perspective,
    knowing how much I disagree with you on so many things,
  157. that's a pretty damn good endorsement!
  158. (all laugh)
  159. Alright, well thanks for having the meeting.
  160. Well anyway,
    I just wanted to know what the reality is here.
  161. Give me your one sentence evaluation.
  162. Mark?
  163. ♪ ♪
  164. Do you get much time to do photography anymore?
  165. No, hardly at all.
  166. The public has a lot of work to do,
    whether it's healthcare,
  167. (camera shutter clicking)
  168. or poverty. When people go to Washington,
  169. and all they do is play
    "my team is better than your team,"
  170. they're not doing our work.
  171. And they haven't been doing the work
    for about 10 years now, at least.
  172. So it's time for a change.
  173. It's almost like I'm filming
    your campaign advertisement, Dad. (laughs)
  174. Well, you're hearing what I tell everybody,
  175. It's not an advertisement, it's the truth.
  176. (Jeff) Well, this is May 1st, 1989.
  177. It's a very important day
    because you asked a question,
  178. a very important question today.
    What'd you ask, Robert?
  179. I asked if you two played Santa Claus,
  180. and, well, Dad said he did.
  181. And so I asked if they played -
    Mark asked if they played the Easter Bunny
  182. and they both said yes.
  183. So what do you think about that?
  184. Well, I'd always thought that if you did,
  185. it would be impossible for you
    to hide everything,
  186. and you'd never have the money to get
  187. all that stuff that we usually get.
  188. And so, well, now I know.
  189. So how's it make you feel?
  190. - I don't know.
    - Well, think about it.
  191. Well, it makes me feel tha
    I shouldn't have asked that question.
  192. Yeah, some things you don't want to know.
  193. - There's certain things you just don't want to know.
    - Yeah.
  194. Robert, if you don't understand,
    I'll tell you what -
  195. and so, we'll just need it to be in private.
  196. - Cause if you can't grasp -
    - No, all I'm asking Dad,
  197. is what could you possibly have
    to ask her that I can't be there,
  198. - that no one can see later on?
    - It's not about information,
  199. it's about building relationships.
  200. But Dad, there's no point in me
    making trips out here and doing this,
  201. - and spending money to do it,
    - Then don't make the trips.
  202. - Really?
  203. Yeah, if that's all the reason
    you're coming out here,
  204. don't make the trips.
  205. He was about to have an
    important campaign meeting,
  206. and he suddenly decided
    that he didn't want me to film.
  207. I think he was suspicious about my motives.
  208. I don't think he wanted people to know
    that we disagree about things,
  209. which was my whole reason
    for making this movie in the first place.
  210. - Do you think that -
    - Let's feed the ducks. I don't want to talk politics.
  211. - We can't talk?
    - No, I don't want to ruin the experience.
  212. How does this ruin the experience?
  213. Cause I want to focus on nature, man.
  214. We can talk about these things,
    and just try to understand each other's views,
  215. since, I mean, they're obviously different.
  216. But you and I are able to talk
    about it in a way that -
  217. It's very tough for us to talk about it, Mark.
  218. It's very tough,
    it's very stressful emotionally,
  219. it's very tiring.
  220. You probably fought with your parents
    about stuff sometimes.
  221. Did I fight with my parents? No,
    I didn't talk to my parents about issues very often.
  222. - No politics?
    - No. I mean,
  223. I knew that they were wrong,
    and they were stodgy and old-fashioned,
  224. and they were from a past era,
    I knew that.
  225. ♪ ♪
  226. My dad hardly ever talks about his father.
  227. I don't really remember
    ever seeing them interact.
  228. I don't know what it was
  229. that came between them, if anything.
  230. But in these old home movies,
  231. it looks like they have
    a pretty normal relationship.
  232. Maybe things are just simpler when you're a kid.
  233. - That's a lot better, right?
    - Much better.
  234. (grunts)
  235. My girlfriend came home
    with me for Christmas.
  236. She hadn't spent much time with my family before,
  237. and I was worried about what
    she'd think of them.
  238. - So Maggie?
    - Yeah?
  239. Are you dreaming of a
    Republican Christmas?
  240. I'm not dreaming.
  241. Are you living the dream?
  242. - Yes.
    - Does your family talk about politics ever?
  243. My family does not talk about -
    well actually my father,
  244. but not in any educated way.
    He'll just go off on these,
  245. - leftist rants that don't really -
    - the best kind of rant! (laughs)
  246. That's the only kind of small talk.
  247. - Who's got a Christmas toast?
    - Robbie does.
  248. Robert, a real Christmas toast here, c'mon.
  249. Merry Christmas everybody,
  250. - I'm glad Maggie can be here.
    - Here, here!
  251. - Cheers! Yes, Maggie! Maggie!
    - And to a Democratic president in 2008 and
  252. a Republican congressman in the family.
    - Yay!
  253. - And a Republican president!
    - But still a Democratic majority!
  254. (Jeff) Well it started out fine, but -
  255. The new year arrived,
    and the campaign was about to begin.
  256. It was an exciting time,
    and I did my best to be supportive.
  257. But in my heart,
    I was worried about what my dad's career
  258. might do to our relationship.
  259. My parents seemed apprehensive
    about the future for other reasons.
  260. I'm not really that thrilled about
    hanging out in Washington, quite frankly.
  261. I love it here.
  262. Yeah, I like Arizona, I really do.
  263. And I like the life that we lead.
  264. Well, just going back to the money,
    you saved $900,000 for the primary.
  265. Right, a million for the general,
    $900,000 for the primary.
  266. The biggest things I always tell people when
    they first think about running for congress
  267. is one, can you see yourself raising this money?
  268. And you obviously have a good sense
    of what it's going to take
  269. - We have money, so we're comfortable with raising -
    - (Anita) We have what?
  270. We have money, so we're more comfortable
    with money than some people probably are.
  271. (all) Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
  272. Thank you, be seated.
  273. You know, a decade ago,
  274. I decided to get involved with politics.
  275. We're just facing great challenges
    in this country,
  276. and our nation's security is threatened.
  277. There's no certainty about the future
    of the housing market,
  278. rumors about recessions,
    and possibly worse, are in the air,
  279. and impact our feeling of security.
  280. We need a body of leaders
    who will go to Washington D.C.,
  281. and will get to work on America's issues
    and America's problems.
  282. Today, here where I started,
    I am announcing for the very first time
  283. that I am a candidate
    for the United States Congress.
  284. (applause)
  285. ♪ ♪
  286. He spent the next two months giving speeches,
    shaking hands,
  287. and raising money for the campaign.
  288. It was a little bit surreal to be there,
  289. surrounded by all these Republicans
    who were rooting for my dad.
  290. Hi Robert! Hi!
  291. I may not have wanted him to win,
  292. but I didn't expect things to unravel
    as quickly as they did.
  293. Before the first debate even took place,
  294. something happened to
    my dad's campaign manager.
  295. And I called her twice at home,
    and twice on her cell phone
  296. and she didn't answer,
    and I thought, "well that's kind of odd."
  297. I got a call from Joanie around 11:30,
  298. and she said she had an aneurysm,
    and she's at St. Joe's.
  299. Anyway, it was very obvious
    that she wasn't gonna make it.
  300. Forty-six year old woman -
    marathon runner, vegetarian.
  301. And she dropped dead in her living room,
    or in her kitchen.
  302. - (Anita) Fun, fun person.
    - Fun, alive, happy,
  303. Her family all says that this was the
    happiest she'd ever been career-wise, was -
  304. - working on the campaign.
    - On dad's campaign.
  305. Dear Joe, over the past few months,
  306. Anita and I have been contacting our friends,
    like you, to tell the good news
  307. about my campaign for
    the U.S. House of Representatives.
  308. Sadly, I must now report that
    my campaign has ended.
  309. I didn't entirely understand his decision
    to drop out of the race.
  310. Maybe seeing such a young and
    healthy person die so suddenly
  311. made him reevaluate his own priorities.
  312. But I wasn't sure what those priorities were.
  313. So what do you do in the meantime?
  314. What do I do in the meantime?
  315. I know I'll work out.
  316. And for next 9-12 months,
  317. I get my life back, which is good.
  318. Cause it was very, very encompassing.
  319. It was 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  320. You seem a little more relaxed.
  321. I am more relaxed.
  322. (bird chirping)
  323. That's a bird I don't know the sound of.
  324. There he is.
    He's really kind of interesting.
  325. Oh, he's a big cactus wren - a huge cactus wren.
  326. Fatter than the normal ones,
    he's a different type.
  327. He's real curious - here he goes.
  328. As I get older,
    I find myself being my dad.
  329. It's really, really interesting.
  330. We grew up on a farm.
  331. We did lots of yard work, pruning and stuff.
  332. I didn't do as much as I should've,
  333. I was a kid,
    and I didn't really want to do it.
  334. So Dad wound up doing most of it.
  335. I think that's the way it is,
    dads usually do the work.
  336. - Morning Dad, happy birthday.
    - Thank you!
  337. - How old are you today?
    - 29.
  338. 29, man! Can you believe it?
  339. I had you when I was 5. No wait, 2.
  340. (laughs) Isn't that amazing?
  341. 2 years old, I fathered you. Incredible.
  342. I'm 64 years old, Robert.
  343. I can count to 64 in less than a minute.
  344. Isn't that amazing? That's not very much.
    Not very many years at all.
  345. 64. Real quick. I guess lifetimes are short.
  346. (singing) Happy birthday to me,
    (Anita) Happy birthday to you.
  347. Do you regret not
    spending more time with your father?
  348. Yes, but I don't regret it.
    I think it was a missing piece in my life.
  349. It's not like I regret it.
    I know that I tried to talk to him later on in life.
  350. I wish I had been more
    connected to my mother and father.
  351. I think they were really good people.
    was just this kid that thought he knew it all.
  352. Oh, it's nice and cool.
  353. It is cool in this water.
  354. - Oh my God!
    - Immerse yourself!
  355. Let go! Let go!
  356. That's the way you do it! It's great.
  357. On the surface, it's great. On the surface.
  358. Most of my parents' money
    was in financial stocks.
  359. When all the bailouts started,
    and the market tumbled,
  360. my family lost a fortune,
    practically overnight.
  361. What we're doing is, we decided a couple days -
    3 days ago? 4 days ago?
  362. that because of the financial problems
    in the nation,
  363. to try to cash out on this house
    by selling it.
  364. We're in a very tough situation
    financially right now in this country.
  365. I don't know how
    we're gonna get out of this thing.
  366. What percentage of your money did you lose?
  367. - 80%.
    - 80%, really?
  368. Don't you think it was an unfettered free market,
    to some degree, that led to this?
  369. What led to this was people
    bought houses they couldn't afford.
  370. Don't you think President Bush also pushed
    for wider home ownership?
  371. Wasn't that part of his platform?
  372. - I'll tell you what-
    - Wasn't that something he touted for his reelection?
  373. I'll tell you what President Bush did:
  374. He kept this country afloat after 9/11
    when it should've crashed.
  375. And he did it on the back of
    the home industry, and I agree with that.
  376. And they pushed low interest rates,
  377. and they pushed getting more people
    into home ownership
  378. as a way to buoy this economy,
    and it got us through 9/11.
  379. We're paying the price for 9/11 right now.
  380. This is all 9/11 aftermath
    as far as I'm concerned.
  381. I don't mean to sound - I should calm down.
  382. It's just the fact that it's gonna -
    I'm gonna die not too long-
  383. (Anita) You don't really mean -
    Dad has a way of, you're exaggerating -
  384. Well no, I'm not exaggerating.
  385. The problem is people aren't paying
    their mortgages. That is the problem.
  386. I'm not complaining
    I'm losing money on this house.
  387. I don't want to, but guess what?
    I paid for this house.
  388. Nobody's gonna help me out
    with a lower price.
  389. (Robert) Well, I take it personally too, Dad.
    I get upset about it.
  390. I'm not happy that you guys lost so much.
  391. I'm not happy that
    you're gonna have a hard time retiring.
  392. Well, you lost so much too. Let's face it,
  393. whatever we had,
    most of that was going to you.
  394. I'm just very thankful for all I have.
    We have a great house, I love this house.
  395. if we sell it, great.
    If we don't sell it, great.
  396. ♪ ♪
  397. It would've been a perfect ending
    if my dad had realized
  398. the Republican party screwed up the economy,
    and had decided to change sides.
  399. Senator McCain,
    your commercials have included words like
  400. "disrespectful, dangerous,
    dishonorable, 'He lied.'"
  401. Your running mate said he
    "palled around with terrorists."
  402. - He did.
  403. (TV) Are you, tonight, willing
    to sit at this table and say...
  404. He did! Ayers is a terrorist!
  405. ...if said about each other.
  406. The American people have become
    so cynical about our politics
  407. because all they see is a tit for tat.
  408. What is important is making sure that
    we disagree without being disagreeable.
  409. What we can't do is try to characterize each other
    as bad people.
  410. And that has been a culture in Washington...
  411. I just wanted my dad to understand
    my point of view a little better.
  412. I thought that he would.
  413. I hoped that he would.
  414. But I'd be lying if I said that's what happened.
  415. Hi! Hey, you having a good time?
  416. Are you McCain supporters, alright!
    We got Obama here-
  417. Nooo. Oh Obama, ugh!
  418. (Jeff) Alright! That's good -
    do you trust Obama?
  419. No, I do not trust him.
  420. - I'm worried!
    (Jeff) Me too.
  421. If he gets -
    I think we're gonna be attacked by terrorists
  422. because they think that he
    is this awesome, wonderful, nice guy
  423. who's gonna sit across the table from them.
    Oh my God. Scary!
  424. (Jeff) Bye, good luck guys, have a great day.
  425. I think there's something that I know about
    Republicans, and that is they're idealistic.
  426. They don't - they're not just playing politics.
  427. They really believe in the heart.
  428. (Robert) I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.
  429. ♪ ♪
  430. My dad gave me this tape that he shot on my trips home.
  431. Let's get right up next to a cactus.
  432. When I watched it,
    I wondered what it would've been like
  433. if he'd made a documentary about me instead.
  434. (Jeff) In a little ways,
    check on the golfers that are coming down.
  435. And it made me regret that I'd only been
    interested in capturing the side of my dad
  436. that I don't like.
  437. (Jeff) This is a weird way of shooting a movie,
    I mean that's the whole point.
  438. (Anita) Yeah!
    - This is my video of you.
  439. (Anita) Well, that's what I just said.
  440. When I was about 10, my dad had to go
    to California to move his mom into a nursing home.
  441. For a few days,
    he and his father spent a lot of time together,
  442. and they talked more than they had in many years.
  443. (Jeff) Took my dad to get a haircut.
    That was the last photograph ever made of him.
  444. He died a few days later in the hospital.
  445. Had an aortic aneurysm,
  446. which means a bulging of the aorta,
    ballooning it out,
  447. and then it ruptured,
    and basically bled to death internally.
  448. Family to me is
    more important than the politics.
  449. And I don't want to experience that death of me,
    or you, as something unresolved.
  450. I know that you have everything possible
    that you would need
  451. as an ingredient to
    have great success in this life.
  452. And I just hope I'm around long enough
    to really see it all blossom.
  453. - I hope so too, Dad.
    - Me too.
  454. - I love you very much.
    - I love you too. God bless you, Robert.
  455. My parents sold
    their house at the beginning of 2009
  456. and moved into a rental just a few blocks away.
  457. Some things have definitely changed,
  458. but their day-to-day life
    is pretty much the same as before.
  459. Their house is only a little bit smaller than
    the old one, and it even looks pretty similar.
  460. And even though they lost a lot of money
    on the stock market last year,
  461. their financial situation
    has kind of turned around.
  462. (Jeff) Last time we talked, I was about to end
    my job over at the Corporation Commission.
  463. I went without work for two months.
  464. And then Governor Jan Brewer,
    the new governor of Arizona,
  465. asked me if I would take over
    the leadership of the Arizona lottery.
  466. So do you think there's
    another political position in your future?
  467. Do I think I'll run for office again?
  468. I have no idea. I have no idea.
  469. I doubt if I'll do it - I didn't do it last cycle,
  470. I doubt if I'll do it this cycle.
  471. And the longer that I stay out,
    the harder it would be to get in.
  472. Plus, I'm changing in age, so -
  473. I'm not a young man in politics anymore,
  474. and I have to look at my age
    and what I want to do in the future.
  475. What do you think you want to do in the future?
  476. I don't know.
  477. (Jeff) Change is not something I embrace easily.
  478. It's always frightening, it's always fearful.
  479. So even though it's scary,
    I trust that what is to come
  480. will be as good or even better
    than what's been in the past.
  481. ♪ ♪
  482. Is it going?
  483. See the little red light in the back?
    Don't aim at the sun, son!
  484. Is there a little red light?
    Is it working?
  485. Mark. Thank you.
  486. (Robert) This is kind of hard,
    everybody, ladies and gentlemen!
  487. Can I talk, Mom? Dad, I mean?
  488. Yeah, if you fix up what you say! Ha!
  489. ♪ ♪