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  1. I want to teach you about another tag. This one is
  2. called the em tag. It stands for emphasis, and it makes
  3. things italic. It looks like this. You've got the opening
  4. em tag, contents, and then the closing em tag with the
  5. slash. Same structure as the bold tag. Nothing too nothing
  6. too complex here. Let's try it out in the browser really
  7. quick. Okay, so here we are in our browser again.
  8. Let's make the word learn italicized. So all I do is
  9. I put an opening em tag and then I put a closing em tag, and I hit Update.
  10. And that took the word learn and made it italicized. What
  11. I'd like you to do is take the whole phrase below and make it italic.