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  1. Normally matrix order matters. If I rotate, then translate an object, I'll
  2. usually get a different result than if I translate and then rotate. However,
  3. there are exceptions. Say I give you a bunch of the same type of transforms,
  4. such as four different translation matrices. If I mix up the order of the
  5. transforms, like on the second line here, would any object still be transformed
  6. in exactly the same way by this new order, or does the ordering matter? So
  7. that's your first question. Can I do a series of translations in any order and
  8. get the same result? Your second question is, what about a series of rotations?
  9. Can I change the order and always get the same result? What about a series of
  10. scales, uniform or non-uniform? Does order matter? Finally what about a series
  11. of rotations and translations all along the same axis? In other words, rotate
  12. around z, translate around z, rotate some more around z, translate some more
  13. around z. And so on. Can I change the order of those matrices and get the same
  14. result? For all these questions ignore precision errors. Assume you have
  15. infinite precision.