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  1. To solve this and compound inequality, let's solve each and inequality
  2. separately. For the first inequality, we add 4 to both sides, then divide by
  3. negative 3, to isolate x. Remember, we divided by a negative so we need to
  4. reverse the inequality sign. So, for this inequality sign, x needs to be less
  5. than negative 3. For the second inequality, we add 1 to both sides, then we
  6. divide by 5. So x is less than or equal to negative 4. We have an AND
  7. inequality, so I want both of these solutions to be true. x needs to taken a
  8. value that works for this inequality and this inequality. So I want to find the
  9. overlap of these 2 regions. Let's look back at our number lines. Here are two
  10. solution regions. x could be less than or equal to negative 4, or x could be
  11. less than negative 3. We have an and inequality, so we want the region of
  12. overlap. So, it's any number, less than or equal to negative 4. That would be
  13. this number line. Nice job if you got that one right.