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  1. When we subtract 5 from both sides, we have a new inequality, or a new version
  2. of our old inequality. We have 18 minus X over 3 X minus 6 minus 5 is less than
  3. 0. We want to make it, though, so that everything on the left side of our
  4. inequality is part of a single rational expression. In order to make this all
  5. one fraction we need to start by getting this extra term, the minus five, to
  6. have the same denominator as the first term. So, what would the numerator of an
  7. equivielent fraction that's equal to five be if the denominator is 3x minus 6?
  8. Remember, I've already written the sign out here, so we're going to subtract all
  9. of whatever you write in here.