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Norwegian Bokmal subtitles

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    We started Universal Subtitles, because we believe every video on the web should be subtitelable
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    Millions of deaf and hard of hearing viewers require subtitles to access video.
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    Videomakers and websites should really care about this stuff too.
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    Subtitles give them access to a wider audience, and they also get better searchrankings
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    Universal Subtitles makes it incredibly easy to add subtitles to almost any video.
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    Take an existing video on the web. Submit the url to our website
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    and then type along with the dialogue to create the subtitles.
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    After that tap on your keyboard to sync them with the video.
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    Then you're done. We give you an embedcode for the video that you can put on every website.
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    At that point viewers are able to use the subtitles,
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    and can also contribute to translations.
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    We support videos on YouTube, Blip-TV, ViewStream and many more.
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    Plus, we're adding new services any time.
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    Universal Subtitles work with many popular videoformats,
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    such as mp4, Theora, WebM and HTML5.
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    Our goal is for every video on the web to be subtitleable,
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    so that anyone who cares about the video can help make it more accessible.