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  1. Now, state-of-the-art edge detection is a little bit more advanced
  2. than this one over here.
  3. This is called a Canny edge detector.
  4. You see much more crisp edges over here.
  5. What this does, in addition to the gradient magnitude,
  6. it traces areas and finds local maxima.
  7. And it tries to connect them in a way that there's always just the single edge.
  8. When multiple edges meet, the Canny edge detector has a hole,
  9. like the area over here or the area over here.
  10. But when edges are single edges,
  11. the Canny edge detector traces them very, very nicely.
  12. This is named after John Canny, a professor at UC Berkeley.
  13. And he did one of the most impressive pieces of work
  14. on early edge detection.