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← A swarm of mini drones makes ... magic!

Leading a swarm of small, buzzing flying machines, techno-magician Marco Tempest orchestrates a "cyber illusion" that will have you asking yourself: Was that science or magic?

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  1. So, I have a background
    in technology and magic.
  2. And magicians are interesting.
  3. Their illusions accomplish
    what technology cannot.
  4. But what happens when
    the technology of the day
  5. seems almost magical?
  6. What happens when you can do this?
  7. (Music)

  8. Now, 100 years ago,

  9. that would have been
    the magic of levitation.
  10. Is it possible to create illusions
  11. in a world where technology
    makes anything possible?
  12. Jump!

  13. Now, if you know how the trick is done,

  14. where is the illusion?
  15. But still, our imagination
    is more powerful than our reasoning,
  16. and it's easy to attribute
    personality to machines.
  17. These are quadcopters.

  18. But they are more than
    mechanical flying machines.
  19. They analyze the environment around them
  20. and react to everything I do.
  21. At once, algorithms allow these autonomous
    machines to fly in close formation,
  22. aware of each other
  23. and aware of me --
  24. mathematics that can
    be mistaken for intelligence,
  25. and intelligence for personality.
  26. Anthropomorphism: that's the illusion,

  27. an illusion created by technology
  28. and embroidered by our imagination
  29. to become an intelligent flying robot,
  30. a machine that appears to be alive.
  31. (Music plays
    "Close Encounters of the Third Kind")

  32. (Quadcopters make tones)

  33. I think they say, "Hello."

  34. Hey guys! Come on.
  35. And time to land.
  36. And that's it.
  37. Thank you.

  38. (Applause)

  39. OK, guys, time to go home.

  40. Everybody in here.
  41. Come on, everybody, quickly, quickly.
  42. No pushing, everybody can fit.
  43. There you go, a little bit to the left,
    a little bit to the right.
  44. Come on, everybody, everybody,
  45. and ... good job!
  46. (Cheers)

  47. Thank you.

  48. (Applause)

  49. Thank you.

  50. (Applause)