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  1. I met with a brother the other day
  2. and I was talking to him
    on just this very subject
  3. and I got home and I
    started studying for this,
  4. and I saw many of the
    same things I told him,
  5. I see Christ telling
    this church right now.
  6. And I realized, there's a
    number of you, undoubtedly
  7. in this church that need to hear this.
  8. We all need to hear this.
  9. Listen, as I say these things,
    you look at your own life.
  10. We don't need to think about others,
  11. we need to think about ourselves here.
  12. But what I see is this...
  13. Well, it reminds me of Bunyan.
  14. In Pilgrim's Progress, he talked about
  15. Mr. Facing Both Ways. You remember a guy like that?
  16. He had two faces.
  17. You look at him this
    way, and it looked like
  18. he was looking at you;
  19. and you come around
    back behind him,
  20. and it looked like he had a face.
  21. It's like those Indians that
    used to wear the masks
  22. on the back of their heads.
  23. I'm talking about the Indians in India.
  24. They would wear masks
    on the back of their heads.
  25. They'd be out there in the tea fields,
  26. and they'd wear a mask
    on the back of their heads
  27. to make it look like they
    were looking both ways,
  28. so that when a tiger
    would come, he would see
  29. that face looking at him, and
    he wouldn't come after them.
  30. Because tigers are smart, and
    they'll stalk you from behind.
  31. But they'd wear a mask on
    the back of their heads,
  32. so it would ward off the tigers.
  33. I guess it worked.
  34. But you know what?
  35. That's great if you're
    working the tea plantations,
  36. over by where John works.
  37. But that's not great
    if you're a Christian!
  38. If you're Mr. Facing Both Ways.
  39. You've got these people in the church,
  40. that they can howl and
    bark with the wolves,
  41. just as much as bleat with the sheep.
  42. They've got no backbone.
  43. The wind blows one way
    and they go that way.
  44. The wind blows the other
    way and they go that way.
  45. They don't stand for anything.
  46. They're in the workplace,
    and they'll laugh
  47. and smile at the smut there,
  48. and then come into
    the church and smile
  49. with the same tongue, the same lips,
  50. they'll sing the hymns
    and they'll sing the trash.
  51. They're going both ways.
  52. And what Jesus is saying
    is that it makes Me sick.
  53. He's says I would rather you were cold.
  54. I would rather you were against Me.
  55. I would rather you were decidedly not
  56. claiming to be a Christian,
    decidedly for the world,
  57. decidedly for the devil.
  58. Stop playing the middle ground.
  59. And some of you are that way.
  60. You come to church, but you're divided;
  61. you're facing both ways,
    and you don't have any backbone.
  62. You basically go the way the wind blows.
  63. You sway over here, you sway over there.
  64. You do nothing well in life.
  65. Because a person like this,
    they're not a good Christian,
  66. because they're lukewarm.
  67. They're not sold out, they're not hot.
  68. Listen, if this is true,
  69. give yourself to it with a whole heart.
  70. Quit playing games.
  71. The reality is this, I never
    could figure this out.
  72. I guess God didn't bring
    me down this road, but
  73. I could never figure it out.
  74. When I was lost, I lived
    in my sin, I had fun,
  75. I climbed mountains, and I rafted rivers,
  76. and I got stuff, and I
    drank, and I lived it up,
  77. and it was fun!
  78. And I gave myself to it with a vengeance.
  79. But when I saw what Christ was,
  80. I said, no, I want that.
  81. And I want Him with a vengeance.
  82. And I want to be sold out.
  83. And you know what, if what He is,
  84. what He says He is, what He offers,
  85. if it's true, isn't that worth having,
  86. wholeheartedly?
  87. I mean, I just don't
    understand people that
  88. want to play the middle ground.
  89. Look! If sports are better than Christ,
  90. then sell out for it and quit with Christ.
  91. I'd rather you were cold.
  92. If a woman's body is better than Christ,
  93. then sell out for it, go get all you can,
  94. and quit playing the game!
  95. If money is better, go after it.
  96. If the world is better and drink is better
  97. and drugs are better - sell out for it.
  98. Go after it! Get all you can!
  99. Live it up, because
    this is all you've got!
  100. And if Christ is better than all that,
  101. then go after Him with abandon!
  102. All out! Sold out!
  103. Listen, that's what Christ wants.
  104. He says be decided.
  105. Quit playing these silly games where you
  106. claim to be this, but in
    your heart, you're really this.
  107. And you do nothing well.
  108. You're not being a Christian well.
  109. You're not serving the world well.
  110. You go out in the world, and
    you claim to be this Christian,
  111. and they know you go to church on Sundays,
  112. they see through it,
    but you're a sell out.
  113. You're not really one of them.
  114. My wife talks about the fact
    that her friends had to come
  115. and pick her up from church to take her
  116. out to the beach to go drink.
  117. I mean, what was that?
  118. That's the kind of thing that makes Him sick!
  119. Trying to play between the lines here.
  120. Doing nothing well. You're lukewarm.
  121. You're lukewarm to everything.
  122. You're lukewarm to the world.
    You're lukewarm to the devil.
  123. You're lukewarm to Christ.
  124. And He says it sickens Him.
  125. Just quit!
  126. I hope you see this.
  127. Look: these people are in trouble.
  128. What you have to realize is this,
  129. He says if you continue in this way,
  130. I'm going to spit you out of My mouth.
  131. I'm going to vomit you out of My mouth.
  132. You can take that and turn that into:
  133. "that means I'm going to heaven."
  134. If I'm lukewarm, that says I'm going there.
  135. You can make that conclusion if you want,
  136. but I don't think that's what it means.
  137. I think being spit out of
    His mouth is something
  138. you and I ought to realize is not good.
  139. And that's He's saying
    to these Laodiceans,
  140. if you continue in that path
    you are in, it will not end well.
  141. It is an unacceptable state, it sickens Me,
  142. and I will vomit you out.
  143. Being vomited out of Christ's
    mouth, I can hardly imagine,
  144. is any kind of symbolic
    representation of getting to heaven.
  145. Not in what I know of
    Scripture and symbolism.
  146. That is bad.
  147. That is not good.
  148. And some of you are
    not sold out for Christ.
  149. You're running with
    the world and you know it.
  150. You'll come into church
    on Sundays, but your heart
  151. is after the world.
  152. And listen, if that's what you want,
  153. quit playing the games and go after it
  154. with all the gusto. Just go!
  155. And be a good party-er,
    be a good worldling.
  156. Stop Mr. Facing Both Ways, and listen,
  157. people like this, they can come in,
  158. they can sing "It Is Well" with their soul,
  159. but it is not well with your soul.
  160. You know, as I was looking
    at this thing, I would ask
  161. myself sometimes how does
    this differ from Ephesus?
  162. Ephesus lost its first love.
    These people are lukewarm.
  163. I think about losing first love,
  164. doesn't that mean
    that I'm growing a little
  165. cold towards Christ.
    There's a lukewarmness.
  166. I mean, yes, we could look at that way,
  167. but you know what the
    big differences are here?
  168. Those people over there,
    they were not weary,
  169. they were not tiring out,
    they were biblically discerning,
  170. they were people that were pressing on.
  171. Twice, they were told that
    they were enduring people,
  172. they were patiently enduring.
  173. These are people that
    have a lot of good works.
  174. These are people that are
    pressing on for His name's sake.
  175. Yes, it's true, that Christ
    didn't like the fact that
  176. the level of their intimacy
    had fallen off a little bit,
  177. and it was a serious thing,
  178. but listen, when you compare
    that over against Laodicea,
  179. Laodicea has nothing good said about it,
  180. and Ephesus had a tremendous
    amount of good said about it.
  181. You know what the problem is?
  182. These people are lukewarm
    when it comes to weariness.
  183. They're lukewarm when
    it comes to patience.
  184. They're lukewarm when
    it comes to doing good.
  185. They're lukewarm when it comes
    to attending the services.
  186. They're lukewarm when it comes
    to attending the prayer meetings.
  187. They're lukewarm when it
    comes to prayer and fasting.
  188. They're lukewarm when
    it comes to giving.
  189. They're lukewarm when
    it comes to evangelizing.
  190. They're lukewarm when
    it comes to reading their Bible.
  191. They're just lukewarm. They're
    just not committed to anything.
  192. It's sad. Once in awhile
    they might get in the Word,
  193. but half the time they're
    giving themselves to the
  194. things of the world.
  195. They're split. They're Mr. Facing Both Ways.
  196. And they don't do anything well.
  197. The Ephesians were doing lots well.
  198. They had fallen off with
    their intimacy with Christ,
  199. and they needed that restored,
  200. but these people are in bad shape.
  201. And Jesus says to them,
    Look, you think you're rich,
  202. you think you're doing
    well, you think you're ok,
  203. you think everything is alright,
    you think you have no need,
  204. but He says to them, you are wretched,
  205. you are miserable, you
    are blind, you are naked,
  206. brethren, those are terms for lost people.
  207. Those are terms for people going to hell.
  208. Those are terms for people in trouble.
  209. Lukewarmness is an indication of lostness.
  210. That's what you see here
    in this letter. It's serious.
  211. Very serious to be vomited.
  212. Brethren, Jesus wants you hot or cold.
  213. You say, really? Jesus wants me cold?
  214. He'd rather have you that than lukewarm.
  215. He's saying, show your
    colors. Just show them.
  216. Be committed to something in life.
  217. I mean, if you're going to
    give yourself to something,
  218. give yourself wholeheartedly to it.
  219. I think sometimes about the text there
  220. where Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15
  221. he says, if the resurrection -
    we sang about that glorious
  222. song about the resurrection.
  223. Brethren, if that resurrection
    we sang about isn't true,
  224. the Christian of all
    people is most miserable.
  225. Isn't that what Paul taught?
  226. However, the resurrection is true.
  227. We of all people are not most miserable.
  228. We are if the resurrection isn't
    true, but the resurrection is true,
  229. so we of all people are
    the most to be envied.
  230. But you know who the
    actual people are in this world
  231. most to be pitied?
  232. Most miserable of all?
  233. It's Mr. Facing Both Ways. Because
    he doesn't do anything well.
  234. He doesn't play the Christian part well,
  235. because the true
    Christians smell him out.
  236. They're always aware,
    there's something unspiritual,
  237. unsound about him.
    They can see through him.
  238. Look, you don't have to
    be around a person long
  239. before you figure out what they love.
  240. True Christians have a
    nose for sniffing that out.
  241. So they don't really fit
    in well with the church,
  242. and they don't fit entirely
    well with the world,
  243. because they're always
    playing the part of a Christian.
  244. They're like Ruby's friends:
    Come with us all the time!
  245. Why is it we always
    have to interrupt our thing
  246. and take you home at a certain time?
  247. I mean, here we are drinking on the beach
  248. and we've got to go
    pick you up from church.
  249. Just come with us all the
    time, that's what your heart is.
  250. Well, she had to do
    that to appease her father.
  251. It's that half-hearted thing.
  252. Of all people, you're most miserable.
  253. You know why? You try to
    play the part of a Christian,
  254. and you didn't do it well,
  255. you try to play the part of a worldling,
  256. but even there you kind
    of had a foul smell about you,
  257. because you associated with the Scriptures
  258. and with God's people, with the church,
  259. with Christ.
  260. And in the end you're
    going to lose your soul.
  261. I mean, the guy that
    just sold out abandoned,
  262. let's eat and drink, for tomorrow we die!
  263. Right? That's what
    they said in Scripture.
  264. They just sold out!
  265. I mean, come on, if sin is
    worth abandoning Christ for,
  266. if you'd rather have sin, quit
    playing the little church deal,
  267. because if you do that, you're
    going to get spit out of His mouth.
  268. Be cold.
  269. If that's what your inclination is,
    do it with your whole heart.
  270. If you've truly looked at Christ,
  271. and you've said, this is it.
  272. I have found the desire of my heart.
  273. I see in Him forgiveness. That's what I want.
  274. I see in Him something altogether lovely,
  275. and altogether desirable.
  276. I see in what He did on that cross,
  277. that is for me, that is perfect.
  278. I want to follow Him. I want
    to follow Him to the end.
  279. Then do it well.
  280. That's what Jesus is saying.
  281. Be hot! Or be cold, but don't be in the middle,
  282. because He can't stand it.
  283. Brethren, if this is true, if it is,
  284. then isn't it worth our all?
  285. Brothers, sisters, let us
    be men, let us be women,
  286. let us be decided, all for
    Christ or all for the world.
  287. Don't play games.
  288. Don't sing songs claiming Christ is all,
  289. and then go out and live a different way.
  290. Because your words give you away.
  291. They're a dead giveaway.
  292. Brethren, decided! Be decided!
  293. If truly the things that
    the world offer are better,
  294. then give yourself to them,
  295. and quit it.
  296. Quit playing.