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  1. Responsive design, I know.

  2. It's fun to resize your web browser
    and see which sites resize gracefully,
  3. and which sites remain defiantly large
    with gross horizontal scroll bars.
  4. But responsive design
    is not just for the web.
  5. Today, the lines between phones
    and tablets are disappearing.
  6. So it's important to think about how
    your UI will scale
  7. in our multiscreen world.
  8. Don't be overwhelmed.
    Just like designing responsive layouts
  9. for the web, build your layouts
    to be reasonably flexible
  10. or within a common device size.
  11. Then you can set break points,
    providing alternative layouts
  12. for those various sizes.
    Think about it this way,
  13. small phone, large phone,
    medium tablet, and large tablet.