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← Why Do You Call Me 'Lord, Lord,' and Not Do What I Tell You? (Luke 6:46) - Tim Conway

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  1. Let's open up our Bibles to Luke 6:46.
  2. One thing we know
    for certain on this night
  3. when America holds its breath
  4. about who's going to
    be its next president,
  5. there is One who is Lord,
  6. and He's taken a seat on the throne
  7. of His father David,
  8. and He is going to rule over Jacob
  9. and He is going to reign
    forever and forever.
  10. And they call Him, "Lord."
  11. Lord of lords.
  12. Luke 6:46
  13. Probably most of you are
    familiar with this verse.
  14. But let's think about it.
  15. "Why do you call Me, 'Lord, Lord,'
  16. and not do what I tell you?"
  17. Now, is that obvious to everybody -
  18. what's going on in this verse?
  19. Why do you call Me, "Lord, Lord," -
  20. well, that's interesting.
  21. "Lord, Lord," - we don't talk like that.
  22. We don't say, "Kevin, Kevin."
  23. Or "Glenn, Glenn."
  24. "Lord, Lord."
  25. Why do you call Me, "Lord, Lord?"
  26. Anybody have any insights into
  27. that kind of addressing of people?
  28. That kind of usage?
  29. Obviously, the original
    here would be in Greek.
  30. Obviously, Jesus is growing up
  31. in a Hebrew context which was very much
  32. influenced by Rome.
  33. But 2,000 years ago in the Near East,
  34. what's the significance
    to talking like this?
  35. "Lord, Lord."
  36. What does He mean?
  37. Emphatic. You do have
    that idea of repetition.
  38. And by the way, can you
    think of any place else
  39. where you get a double repetition?
  40. You can probably think of other places
  41. where we even get that same repetition,
  42. "Lord, Lord."
  43. Where's another common
    place that shows up?
  44. Matthew 7.
  45. Can you think of anywhere else

  46. where somebody is being addressed
  47. and their name is said twice?
  48. Martha, Martha.
  49. Now, do we talk like that?
  50. Is that the same?
  51. Do you get the sense that's the same?
  52. If somebody says, "Lord, Lord;"
  53. if somebody says, "Martha, Martha,"
  54. do you get the sense that it's implying
  55. the same kind of stress?
  56. Like, I could imagine
    myself saying to my wife,
  57. "Ruby, Ruby..."
  58. See, I say we don't
    address Kevin: "Kevin, Kevin."
  59. But, in the right nuance of language,
  60. saying it with a little
    bit different inflection;
  61. saying it with different emphasis,
  62. depending on the context,
  63. if Kevin said something and it seemed like
  64. Kevin was speaking in a naive fashion
  65. or he was speaking in a way where
  66. he should really know,
  67. and he's coming across maybe
    as though he doesn't know,
  68. if you said, "Kevin, Kevin..."
  69. Now see, that we can understand.
  70. That would not be foreign.
  71. But what do you think here?
  72. "Martha, Martha."
  73. Familiarity?
  74. Yeah, it does seem that way.
  75. Put it in the context
    of the text that it's in.
  76. "Why do you call Me, 'Lord, Lord,'
  77. and not do the things I say?"
  78. I mean, you have to put it together
  79. with not doing the things I say.
  80. In other words, He's stressing
  81. that you speak in a certain way,
  82. but your actions don't reflect
  83. what your lips say.
  84. Or you think about the other
    places where it's used.
  85. Where else does the
    "Lord, Lord," come at us?

  86. We heard Matthew 7.
  87. How's it used?
  88. "Not everyone who says to Me,
  89. 'Lord, Lord...'"
  90. And then it's used again, right?
  91. How's it used the second time?
  92. "In that day, many will
    say to Me, 'Lord, Lord...'"
  93. Now, maybe there's an emphasis there.
  94. Obviously: "many will
    say to Me in that day."
  95. What day? Judgment day.
  96. And what's happening to them?
  97. They're being cast away.
  98. This is kind of a frantic, emphatic:
  99. "Lord! Lord!"
  100. Can you think of anywhere else
    where the "Lord, Lord," is used?

  101. (from the room)
  102. Even there, He says, "I never knew you."
  103. Coming back to intimacy
    like, "Martha, Martha."
  104. Familiarity.
  105. I didn't think of "Lord, Lord,"
  106. but Jesus on the cross.
  107. He said, "Eli, Eli..."
    (My God, My God...)
  108. Two times in a row.
  109. "Why have You forsaken Me?"
  110. Tim: Yeah, emphasis like
    that we understand.
  111. And what there is
  112. is whether we want to connect it to
  113. somebody implying by the way they talk,
  114. there's a familiarity;
  115. there's an intimacy;
  116. there's some kind of emphasis.
  117. That's what it seems like
  118. that with your mouth,
  119. you are actually acknowledging Me as Lord
  120. in a way that is more
    than just kind of passing.
  121. You are actually speaking to Me
  122. in a way that more than just slightly
  123. seems verbally at least to be recognizing
  124. My Lordship.
  125. You call Me "Lord," and you do it
  126. with a fair degree of significance.
  127. You do it more than just in passing.
  128. You do it more than just lightly.
  129. Maybe you do it repetitiously.
  130. "...And not do what I tell you."
  131. It's a very simple concept.
  132. (incomplete thought)
  133. Somebody was bringing up

  134. Jeff Peterson's message from Sunday.
  135. He was dealing with
    Charles Stanley's book.
  136. This text just blows that whole idea
  137. of you can be a true Christian
  138. and just live any way you want.
  139. You know, if you just had
    one moment in your life
  140. where you believed,
  141. and now you can live any way you want.
  142. This text just blows it
    right out of the water.
  143. Because if you couple this with Matthew 7,
  144. you see, this by itself:
  145. "Why do you call Me 'Lord, Lord,'
  146. and not do what I tell you?"
  147. Well, the thing is that
    the very same parable
  148. that He ends up with over in Matthew 7,
  149. He ends up with here.
  150. And He doesn't simply say it's okay.
  151. It's not: why do you do it?
  152. I wish you wouldn't do it,
  153. but after all, it will
    turn out okay with you
  154. if that's what you do.
  155. That's not what He's saying.
  156. He is basically saying here
  157. that if you say one thing with your lips
  158. that seems to say that
    you're acknowledging Me...
  159. We get people in the church
    all the time like this.
  160. The word "Lord" comes off their lips.
  161. They read Scripture, they sing the songs,
  162. they speak to other Christians,
  163. they speak the Christian lingo.
  164. And so the word "Lord"
    comes off their lips
  165. with a fair degree of familiarity.
  166. More than the lost guy out there.
  167. you get people in the church.
  168. And it's coming off their lips.
  169. But what's the problem?
  170. You look at their life.
  171. (incomplete thought)
  172. What Jesus is saying is this:
  173. It's right you call Me "Lord."
  174. I am Lord.
  175. But because I am Lord,
  176. that means I have a right
    to tell you what to do.
  177. And if you call Me Lord
  178. and don't do what I tell you to do,
  179. you basically are denying what you say
  180. by your lips with your life.
  181. You're denying it.
  182. And He doesn't say:
  183. Oh, but in the end, it's eternal security,
  184. and if you believed once, it's all okay,
  185. so don't worry about it.
  186. See, He doesn't go there.
  187. Basically where He goes is to a parable
  188. where He makes it crystal clear.
  189. "Everyone who comes to
    Me and hears My words
  190. and does them, I will
    show you what he is like."
  191. See, this has everything
    to do with His Lordship.
  192. "He is like a man building
    a house who dug deep,
  193. laid the foundation on the rock,
  194. and when a flood arose,
    the stream broke against the house.
  195. It could not shake it, because
    it had been well built."
  196. This is a man's religion.
  197. Well built.
  198. What does it look like?
  199. He believes on the Lord.
  200. He calls Him Lord.
  201. He believes He is Lord.
  202. And that belief doesn't
    just come off of his lips,
  203. it's reflected in a life.
  204. "But the ones who hears..."
  205. See, this is the person in v. 46.
  206. "...he hears and does not do them."
  207. He even admits Christ is Lord,
  208. but then he lives contrary to what he
  209. seems to say by his lips.
  210. He doesn't do what Jesus says.
  211. "The one who hears..." Jesus Christ
  212. and does not do what Christ as Lord says,
  213. "this man is like the man who built
  214. a house on the ground without a foundation
  215. and the stream broke against it.
  216. Immediately it fell and the ruin
    of the house was great."
  217. Like I say, when you
    compare this to Matthew 7,
  218. what we see is Matthew 7
  219. parks all this in the
    context of judgment day.
  220. So we see exactly what
    storm He's talking about.
  221. So, let's think for a second.

  222. Can you think of any
    other places in Scripture
  223. that make that connection
  224. between being a genuine child of God
  225. and what Jesus says or what the Word says?
  226. The absolute necessity of a life
  227. that conforms to Christ's commandments
  228. or Christ's Word or the Word of God
  229. or the Scriptures,
  230. if indeed we are genuinely Christians?
  231. Can you think of other verses?
  232. This is one. This is certainly one.
  233. "Why do you call Me, 'Lord, Lord?'"
  234. And let that ring in your own ears.
  235. Think with me.
  236. You can change it a bit.
  237. "You call Me, 'Lord, Lord.'"
  238. I do. I call Him Lord.
  239. I acknowledge Him as Lord.
  240. I pray to Him as Lord.
  241. That names comes off my lips
  242. all the time now that I'm saved.
  243. And I'm sure many of you in this room
  244. would say the same.
  245. That name comes off your lips.
  246. But now, ask yourself,

  247. do you live in light of that?
  248. Do you really believe it?
  249. See, that's the issue.
  250. If you say it, you're seeming to indicate
  251. you believe it.
  252. But the real proof, Jesus is saying,
  253. of whether you believe He's Lord
  254. isn't by good talk.
  255. It's by the walk.
  256. And so, where are we at in that?
  257. Where are we at?
  258. "Lord..."
  259. How am I in tune to that word?
  260. How is it impacting my life right now?
  261. I mean, today even thinking about this,

  262. I remember - many of you may remember
  263. Matt Haney preached.
  264. More than once I remember
    him telling the story.
  265. I forget where he got it from.
  266. Maybe it was a Ravenhill
    story that he came across.
  267. But you may remember,
  268. the guy was in the service
  269. and the preacher began to preach,
  270. and he didn't get very
    far into the message
  271. and this guy got up and went out.
  272. He was preaching a series of meetings.
  273. And the next night,
    the guy began preaching.
  274. The guy got up and walked out.
  275. Third night, began preaching,
  276. the guy got up and walked out.
  277. And finally the guy said to him,
  278. "what's going on with you?"
  279. And he said you would start preaching
  280. and I would be convicted of something
  281. that I needed to take care of in my life,
  282. and I figured there's no reason
    to sit here any longer.
  283. I need to go take care of that.
  284. And I always remember that,
  285. because to my reckoning,
  286. that was a true story.
  287. Does the Word of God
    impact us like that still?
  288. Can you think of other verses

  289. where we get that kind of emphasis
  290. that the Word of God
  291. is not just a matter of hearing?
  292. James 1.
  293. Yeah, let's look at that one.
  294. (incomplete thought)
  295. James 1:22 says,
  296. "But be doers..." now notice this one,
  297. " doers of the Word,
  298. and not hearers only
  299. deceiving yourselves."
  300. That's the same truth.
  301. These people that build
    their house on the sand,
  302. they're deceiving themselves.
  303. Because they're building.
  304. They're those people in Matthew 7.
  305. They did many mighty works in His name.
  306. They're deceiving themselves.
  307. But what does Jesus call
    those people in Matthew 7?
  308. "Workers of lawlessness."
  309. Which means, they were living their life
  310. without any conformity to the spoken,
  311. expressed will of God.
  312. Now, in times past, God spoke to us
  313. by way of the prophets,
    but in these last days,
  314. God has spoken to us by way of His Son.
  315. It's His Son who has come to give us
  316. the expressed will of God.
  317. Can anybody think of any other verses

  318. that seem to reflect this truth?
  319. 1 John 2:4.
  320. "Whoever says, 'I know Him...'"
  321. Now this is interesting
    because it's again,
  322. some of these compare hearing to doing.
  323. And some of these compare
  324. saying to doing.
  325. Like, "you call Me, 'Lord, Lord;'
  326. you don't do what I say."
  327. Here it's the familiarity is "I know Him."
  328. But then you don't keep His commandments.
  329. "Whoever says 'I know Him'
  330. but does not keep His commandments
  331. is a liar and the truth is not in him."
  332. Can I give you one that is definitely

  333. open for discussion and debate
  334. at another time,
  335. but a text that I personally believe
  336. expresses exactly the same truth,
  337. and when taken in context,
  338. I think you can see that
    I'm speaking the truth.
  339. And I'm speaking namely of Romans 2:13.
  340. Look at it.
  341. I know that there are some
  342. theological voices out there
  343. that basically would say
  344. that there are actually
    no doers of the law.
  345. And so, this is basically saying,
  346. like the Old Testament commandments:
  347. do this and live.
  348. I don't believe at all that this
    is what is being said here.
  349. I believe that what we have here
  350. is exactly the same thing
  351. that is being spoken about -
  352. let's put this in context (verse 13).
  353. Notice v. 6,
  354. "God is going to render to each one
  355. according to his works."
  356. I want you to see what's
    actually in context here.
  357. It's the judgment.
  358. And we're being judged
    according to our works.
  359. It's not talking about justification.
  360. This is not speaking about
  361. an imputed righteousness
  362. apart from our works.
  363. It's not speaking about that.
  364. Notice what it's speaking about.
  365. It's speaking about judgment day
  366. and the fact that we're going to be
    judged according to our works.
  367. "To those who by patience..."
  368. Now, it's not talking about just those
  369. who rest in Christ by faith.
  370. You see, faith always works through love,
  371. and that's the issue.
  372. Judgment day is always based on works.
  373. Why? Because works show
  374. whether the faith was true or not.
  375. And basically what you see here is that.
  376. Patience in well-doing;
  377. they're seeking for glory,
  378. honor, immortality.
  379. And to those people who are seeking that,
  380. He gives eternal life.
  381. Those who are self-seeking,
  382. do not obey the truth,
    obey unrighteousness -
  383. there's wrath and fury.
  384. Tribulation, distress for
    every human being
  385. who does evil - the
    Jew first, also the Greek.
  386. Glory, honor, and peace for everyone
  387. who does good - the Jew
    first, and also the Greek.
  388. They do good.
  389. He's not speaking hypothetically
  390. about somebody could get to heaven
  391. if they kept the law perfectly.
  392. That's not what he's talking about.
  393. He's talking about the righteous life
  394. of true Christians.
  395. God shows no partiality.
  396. And see, v. 12, "For..."
  397. It starts with a conjunction.
  398. He's not changing topic here.
  399. He's not going in a different direction.
  400. "All who have sinned without the law,
  401. also perish without the law."
  402. Anyways, you get to v. 13,
  403. "It's not the hearers of the law
  404. who are righteous before God,
  405. but the doers of the law
  406. who will be justified."
  407. And I believe that that's the same way.
  408. Scripture uses that term "justified"
  409. in that way concerning judgment day.
  410. Think of our words, right?
  411. The words that we speak?
  412. What does Scripture say about
  413. how we're going to be
    justified by our words?
  414. What is it? Matthew 12?
  415. Basically, we're told that.
  416. We're going to be justified by our words.
  417. What you find in Matthew 25
  418. is although the term
    "justified" is not there,
  419. clearly we are justified by our works
  420. when we come to stand before God
  421. on judgment day.
  422. Because the books are opened
  423. and it's our works that are examined,
  424. and it's on that basis
  425. that we are justified or condemned.
  426. We're not speaking about
  427. the imputed merits of Christ.
  428. Obviously we recognize
    the doctrine of justification,
  429. the importance of that.
  430. But this appears to be in the context
  431. of people who are
    actually keeping the law.
  432. In fact, if you continue to go down
  433. through Romans 2 and you get to the end,
  434. you see that he actually begins
  435. to talk about the nature of a true Jew
  436. and what true circumcision is.
  437. And in v. 26, he says,
    "if a man who is uncircumcised
  438. keeps the precepts of the law,
  439. will not his uncircumcision
  440. be regarded as circumcision?"
  441. Again, he's not being hypothetical.
  442. He actually is going to tell us here.
  443. He's speaking about a true Jew.
  444. One who is a true Jew inwardly
  445. as circumcision is a matter of the heart.
  446. And so he's speaking very
    practically through these verses.
  447. But, anyway, another
    place I was thinking of.

  448. Look at John 8.
  449. John 8:31.
  450. If you go back to 8:30,
  451. Jesus has been speaking here
  452. and it says, "As He was
    saying these things,
  453. many believed in Him."
  454. (incomplete thought)
  455. People can believe that He's Lord.
  456. And so much so, they
    call Him, "Lord, Lord."
  457. But see, He goes further. He says this,
  458. "Jesus said to the Jews
    who had believed in Him,
  459. 'If you abide in My Word,
  460. you are truly My disciples.'"
  461. To abide in His Word,
  462. that means to stay there; to live in them.
  463. They characterize your life.
  464. It's only then that you prove
  465. to truly be His disciple
  466. and you will know the truth,
  467. and the truth will set you free.
  468. So we see this reality.
  469. Now listen,

  470. "Why do you call Me, 'Lord, Lord,'
  471. and not do the things I say?"
  472. Jesus is our Redeemer.
  473. He's our Savior.
  474. He's our Sacrifice.
  475. But Jesus is our Teacher,
  476. our Master,
  477. our Rabbi.
  478. He's our Lord.
  479. And He came to teach us, to instruct us,
  480. to command us...
  481. and I want to ask you this.
  482. I want you to tell me.
  483. Think about Jesus' words -
  484. the words that He spoke to us.
  485. "Why do you call Me, 'Lord, Lord,'
  486. and do not do the things I say?"
  487. Ok, let's think about the things He says.
  488. Think about the things He says.
  489. What's He implying?
  490. That the things He says
  491. are things that we have
    a responsibility to do.
  492. And that as true Christians,
  493. one of the chief characteristics
  494. is how we respond to what He says.
  495. It has impact. It has power.
  496. It used to not.
  497. We used to be at enmity with God,
  498. and the commandments of God
  499. were something that we chafed against.
  500. But the true characteristic
    of the Christian
  501. is that our lives become impacted
  502. by what He says.
  503. We don't live any longer
  504. as though those things don't matter.
  505. As though I can just blow those off.
  506. They hold weight. They hold sway.
  507. But I want to ask you this:
  508. "The things I say" -
  509. think about that - "the things I say."
  510. What things did He say?
  511. In all the things that Jesus taught us

  512. and He expects us to conform our lives to,
  513. what things did He speak to broadly?
  514. In our lives, what did Jesus speak to?
  515. What did He tell us about?
  516. What did He command us about?
  517. What did He give us instruction about?
  518. Direction about?
  519. What did He say to us?
  520. In what areas of life?
  521. I want to be specific.
  522. General, but generally specific.
  523. (from the room) Sin.
  524. Tim: Sin?
  525. If you're going to say it,
  526. you've got to be able to tell
    me what He said about it.
  527. (from the room)
    To forsake it and follow Him.
  528. Tim: How did He say that?
  529. Now think about this.
  530. He told different people:
  531. "Go and sin no more."
  532. Does He tell us that?
  533. Would He tell those people that
  534. and that doesn't apply to us?
  535. Or does that apply to us?
  536. I mean, you would hardly think
  537. that it's something He's requiring of them
  538. and not of us.
  539. How do you read that when
    He says that to people?
  540. "Go and sin no more,
  541. lest a worse thing happen to you."
  542. How do you read that?
  543. What do you make out of that?
  544. Is that the way He talks to Christians?
  545. Is that the way He talks to lost people?
  546. Is that the way He talks to
  547. somebody He's just healed
  548. that may not be regenerated?
  549. Is that His word to everybody?
  550. I'll tell you my personal thought on that
  551. is that it's basically like
    what He says in Luke 6.
  552. "Why do you call Me, 'Lord, Lord,'
  553. and do not do the things I say?"
  554. In other words, go forth
  555. and do the things I say.
  556. And the things I say never include sin.
  557. You depart from sin.
  558. If you say you know Him,
  559. you keep His commandments.
  560. That doesn't mean that we don't have
  561. an Advocate with the Father.
  562. (incomplete thought)
  563. I think the idea there
  564. when He talks about going forth
  565. and sinning no more
  566. is much like John speaks.
  567. How does John speak?
  568. It sounds very dogmatic.
  569. It sounds very absolute
    when it comes to sin.
  570. (from the room)
  571. Well, the woman, when
    she's caught in adultery,
  572. that's an example.
  573. Tim: I'm talking about 1 John.
  574. See, in our ESV, it talks
    about practicing sin,
  575. but if you go back and you read
  576. the King James Version,
  577. it's like what?
  578. (unintelligible)
  579. Right.
  580. It's like, "if you're born of God,
  581. you don't commit sin."
  582. And you read that and it's "what?"
  583. Well, the ESV puts "practice sin,"
  584. and I think we all feel
    really comfortable with that
  585. because the reality is
    1 John is the very letter
  586. where John concedes that
    if we do fall into sin,
  587. it's not a hopeless situation.
  588. There's a place for confession
  589. and we have an Advocate.
  590. But I think what He's doing
  591. is He's basically pressing these people
  592. to a characterization of life.
  593. Why? Well, think with me.
  594. He speaks in that great
  595. Sermon on the Mount.
  596. He starts it out by talking about
  597. the character of the people
  598. that make up His kingdom.
  599. (incomplete thought)
  600. He ends it up with basically
  601. a parallel passage to what
    we're finding here in Luke 6.
  602. And He ends it up with that parable
  603. about building the house on a rock
  604. versus the sand.
  605. And not everybody that says to me,
  606. "Lord, Lord," is going
    to inherit the kingdom.
  607. Those that do the will of My Father.
  608. Even there - those that
    do the will of My Father.
  609. Do they do the will of
    the Father all the time?
  610. I think the thing that's very encouraging
  611. about Scripture - several things
  612. very encouraging -
  613. if you think about those disciples,
  614. John 17 is very encouraging.
  615. "They have kept Your Word."
  616. I look at these guys.
  617. Look, you might think, oh boy,
  618. if He said that 24 hours after Pentecost
  619. when these guys are shining, glowing,
  620. they've got the flames
    of fire on their heads,
  621. they've spoken and 3,000 are saved
  622. and you think wow,
    the church is so glorious,
  623. and Peter's been transformed.
  624. No. Jesus says this
  625. right before Peter denies Him.
  626. After these guys have been arguing
  627. about who is going to be the greatest.
  628. And He says, "they've kept Your Word."
  629. And then when you come to
    that 11th chapter of Hebrews,
  630. and you read about:
    "by faith," "by faith," "by faith..."
  631. And if you go back and look at the
    accounts of some of these people,
  632. they had a lot of blemishes in their life.
  633. What's so encouraging is
  634. our sin is under the blood.
  635. You get these different accounts.
  636. Yes, it's true. God's people
  637. have their sins revealed in Scripture.
  638. But you get these certain accounts
  639. where it says though God
    just covers them over.
  640. But, okay, so He speaks
    to sin in our life.

  641. That's real broad.
  642. What else does He speak to?
  643. Our possessions.
  644. He speaks to our money.
  645. He speaks to how we give.
  646. What else does He speak to?
  647. Our relations.
  648. (incomplete thought)
  649. Luke 9, you've got these two
  650. very specific incidents of apparently
  651. young men who want to be His disciples
  652. and one wants to go home and say goodbye.
  653. One wants to go home and bury his father.
  654. He talks about He didn't come
  655. to bring peace, but a sword,
  656. and He's talking very specifically
  657. about the family.
  658. He talks there in Matthew 10
  659. and Luke 14 about loving
  660. mother or father, husband or wife,
  661. son or daughter.
  662. He talks about our relationships.
  663. He talks about the necessity
  664. of loving Him more than anybody else.
  665. What else does He speak to?
  666. Well, I think about Matthew 15.
  667. He speaks about the fact
  668. that He expects that we would
  669. honor our parents.
  670. Even though there's going to
    be a sword in the family.
  671. He speaks as though He would have us
  672. honor our parents.
  673. What else does He speak to?

  674. He talks about prayer.
  675. "Lord, teach us to pray."
  676. And He did.
  677. You think even in the Sermon on the Mount,
  678. He talks about prayer.
  679. He doesn't want us like the hypocrites.
  680. He talks about even
    some of the basic makeup
  681. of what's important in prayer.
  682. "Our Father, who art in heaven,
  683. hallowed be Thy name.
  684. Thy kingdom come...
  685. Thy will be done."
  686. He's giving us aspects of what
  687. He considers to be essential components
  688. of prayer.
  689. He talks about how to do it.
  690. He talks about the importunity of it.
  691. He talks about the promise -
  692. think about the promises that are given us
  693. concerning prayer in John 14, 15, 16.
  694. "If you abide in Me, and
    My Word abides in you."
  695. Now that comes back to this.
  696. Right?
  697. If My Word abides in you,
  698. you shall ask what you will
  699. and it shall be done unto you.
  700. He talks about the fact
  701. that He wouldn't need to
    ask the Father for us,
  702. because the Father loves us.
  703. He talks about praying in His name.
  704. He talks about praying
  705. so that the Father be
    glorified in the Son.
  706. He talks about praying
    that our joy be full.
  707. What else does He speak to in our life?

  708. Loving others.
  709. He definitely speaks about love.
  710. He speaks about loving the brethren.
  711. He speaks about loving our enemies.
  712. He speaks about giving and lending.
  713. He speaks about not being like lost people
  714. who love their relatives,
  715. but actually loving those
  716. who are unrighteous and unthankful.
  717. What else does He speak to?
  718. Acknowleding Him before men.
  719. Yeah.
  720. How we identify Him
  721. in the face of the public;
  722. in the face of family;
  723. in the face of the onlooking world.
  724. How do we speak for Him?
  725. Do we own Him?
  726. Do we declare Him?
  727. What else does He speak to?
  728. (from the room) Evangelization,
    the Great Commission.
  729. Tim: The Great Commission.
  730. He told us what one of the key
  731. responsibilities of the
    church is going to be.
  732. And tells us - commands us to go.
  733. Promises us He'll be with us.
  734. What else does He speak to?
  735. Forgiveness.
  736. That's a huge thing.
  737. Right there in the prayer
  738. where He's teaching us how to pray.
  739. He's teaching us to forgive men
  740. their trespasses (incomplete thought).
  741. He's teaching us to ask
  742. that our trespasses be forgiven us
  743. even as we forgive those
    who trespass against us.
  744. And of course, you remember Matthew 18.
  745. You have the parable there.
  746. Matthew 18 so often known
  747. for how we deal with sin in the church,
  748. but there you have that parable
  749. about the necessity to forgive.
  750. (from the room)
  751. Keep oneself unstained from the world.
  752. Tim: Keep oneself
    unstained from the world.
  753. What text specifically
    do you have in mind?
  754. I'm thinking about Jesus' specific words.
  755. I obviously know James and Paul.
  756. We don't want to downplay those guys,
  757. but let's try to think of
  758. where He specifically spoke to.
  759. Fasting.
  760. He spoke not only to prayer,
  761. He spoke to fasting.
  762. How you do it - not like
    the hypocrites do it.
  763. He wants us to wash our faces.
  764. In other words, He wants us to have
  765. a private walk with the Lord,
  766. with the Father.
  767. Just between us and Him.
  768. What else did He speak to?

  769. Abiding. Abiding in Him.
  770. (from the room) Spiritual realities?
  771. Tim: How so?
  772. (from the room)
  773. Parable of the Sowers
  774. Tim: He definitely spoke to
  775. the different responses that would be
  776. had to the Gospel.
  777. He takes us behind the scenes.
  778. He shows us the kingdom.
  779. He shows us the outworking.
  780. He shows us the devil sowing seed
  781. in the midst of all the wheat.
  782. He shows us these pictures.
  783. He takes us behind the veil so to speak.
  784. And He shows us what is unfolding.
  785. He shows us that not everybody
    that starts out real
  786. finishes well.
  787. He shows us that there are pleasures
  788. and entanglements and thorns in this world
  789. that cause us to not become fruitful.
  790. He speaks to our words, does He not?
  791. Matthew 12?
  792. (incomplete thought)
  793. We are going to stand
  794. and have to give an account
  795. for every idle word we've spoken.
  796. He speaks to marriage.
  797. He says don't let man separate
  798. what God has joined together.
  799. He speaks to lust.
  800. He says gouge out eyes
  801. and chop off hands.
  802. He speaks to life.
  803. What we give our lives to.
  804. He speaks about seeking first the kingdom.
  805. He speaks to the heart.
  806. How often did He deal with the heart?
  807. Their heart is not with Me.
  808. The heart - where the treasure is.
  809. That is where the heart is.
  810. He speaks to what's going on inside a man.
  811. Don't be a hypocrite.
  812. Don't act like the hypocrites.
  813. Your righteousness needs to exceed
  814. that of the hypocrites.
  815. That is all external.
  816. He's looking for the reality.
  817. He goes inside.
  818. He gives us those beatitudes.
  819. And He says this is what
    characterizes My kingdom;
  820. My people. What are they like?
  821. Blessed are the poor in spirit.
  822. What's next?
  823. What does He say next?
  824. In the beatitudes.
  825. Blessed are the mourners.
  826. Blessed are the meek.
  827. Blessed are those who hunger and thirst
  828. after righteousness.
  829. He goes inside.
  830. And He says you're salt and you're light.
  831. He speaks to persecution.
  832. Blessed are the persecuted.
  833. For His name's sake.
  834. For the Gospel's sake.
  835. What else does He speak to?

  836. He speaks to the Holy Spirit.
  837. Promises concerning the Holy Spirit.
  838. The promised Holy Spirit.
  839. The Comforter is coming.
    He's not going to leave us orphans.
  840. What else did He speak to?
  841. He spoke to how the
    world's going to treat us.
  842. And He spoke to them about the fact
  843. that they're going to be
    put out of the synagogues
  844. and people are going to kill them
    thinking that they're doing God's service.
  845. What else did He speak to?
  846. Judgment.
  847. Well, He does. He gives us
    those pictures of judgment
  848. and what it's going
    to be like on that day.
  849. Repeated parables concerning the judgment
  850. and what it's like.
  851. Picture after picture.
  852. You've got this net.
  853. You've got pictures of these servants.
  854. You've got pictures of when the King
  855. takes His seat and all the nations
  856. are gathered together.
  857. He gives us all these pictures
  858. and these parables and these accounts
  859. where He shows this great coming
  860. day of judgment.
  861. "Well done, good and faithful servant.
  862. Enter into the joy..."
  863. And these are on the outside.
  864. What were they saying?
  865. Did they say, "Lord, Lord," there too?
  866. They're going to say we ate
    and drank in your streets.
  867. What else did He speak to?
  868. (from the room)
  869. He said to watch and
    be ready for His return.
  870. Tim: Oh, He warned that.
  871. He warned: you don't know when I'm coming.
  872. He warned that we need
    to be ready all the time.
  873. He warned that if you're the servant
  874. who gets lazy,
  875. and you begin to slack off,
  876. He's going to come and
    He's going to catch you.
  877. He's going to come like a thief
  878. and He's going to catch you unawares.
  879. And He said what I
    say to you, I say to all:
  880. you watch.
  881. Be watchful.
  882. Be ready.
  883. Listen, Jonathan Edwards,

  884. when he was putting
    together his whole list
  885. of the things that he
    wanted to make certain
  886. that he gave himself to in his life,
  887. when he talks about not wanting to do
  888. anything that he would not want to do
  889. if he knew that Christ was going to return
  890. one hour from now or 24 hours from now.
  891. Listen, he wasn't the one that invented
  892. that kind of thinking.
  893. Jesus was the one that told His people:
  894. you need to be ready.
  895. And you need to live like
    I can come anytime
  896. because the reality is you
    don't know when I'm coming.
  897. What else did He address?

  898. The Lord's Supper.
  899. He definitely introduced that to us
  900. and He said that we are to do that
  901. until He comes.
  902. We're to do that in remembrance of Him.
  903. He definitely spoke to that.
  904. What else does He speak to?
  905. The what?
  906. He did speak to rewards.
  907. How so?
  908. (unintelligible)
  909. Tim: He spoke about laying
    up treasure in heaven.
  910. I mean, think, think.
  911. "Why do you call Me, 'Lord, Lord,'
    and do not do the things I say?"
  912. What does He say?
  913. Chop off hands. Cut off feet.
  914. Honor your parents.
  915. Love Me more than your parents.
  916. Love Me more than husband, wife,
  917. girlfriend, boyfriend, sons, or daughters.
  918. Store up treasure in heaven.
  919. Don't lay up your treasure here.
  920. He spoke to having dinners.
  921. Don't take the chief seat.
  922. Take the least seat and get moved up.
  923. When you have a dinner,
  924. don't invite all your family and friends.
  925. Invite those who can't pay you back.
  926. He spoke to money.
  927. Widow comes along,
  928. throws in her last two coins.
  929. She put in more than all the rest.
  930. He watched people give.
  931. He was standing there
    watching the way people give.
  932. He watched how people took seats.
  933. He watched people.
  934. He watched how people spoke.
  935. Speaking to some He said:
  936. you can't speak well.
  937. Why? Because again, it
    comes back to the heart.
  938. The heart shows where your treasure is.
  939. Or where your treasure is shows
  940. the matter of the heart.
  941. What your words say
  942. show what's going on in the heart.
  943. What basically is coming on the outside
  944. is an expression of the heart.
  945. Jesus said, "Why do
    you call Me, 'Lord, Lord,'
  946. and do not do...?
  947. How much are we being
    impressed by what He says to do?
  948. Listen, He speaks to
    so many different aspects
  949. of our life.
  950. Possessions.
  951. Luke 12? He tells us
    to sell your possessions
  952. and give to the poor.
  953. He took the towel and girded Himself
  954. and He washed their feet.
  955. And He said, "I've given you an example."
  956. He spoke to fear.

  957. "Fear not."
  958. Or, "I'll tell you who to fear."
  959. Fear not them. Fear Him.
  960. Don't fear those who can kill the body.
  961. Fear Him who can throw you into hell.
  962. Really? As children of God,
    that's what we should fear?
  963. That's what Jesus said to fear.
  964. That's a fearful thing.
  965. And a lot of people,
    according to Matthew 7,
  966. are going to be thrown into hell
  967. who don't think God would
    throw them into hell.
  968. But see, it comes back to this very thing.
  969. How much are Jesus' words
    impacting your life?
  970. You know what?
  971. A lot of people like to
    explain those words away.
  972. They're going to explain them away
  973. and they're going to
    wake up in hell one day.
  974. I'm not saying that all
    the things that Jesus said
  975. don't have to be thought about
  976. in how they impact our life.
  977. Look, when Jesus says
    when you have a dinner,
  978. don't invite these folks;
    invite these folks -
  979. does that mean that I can
    never invite my family?
  980. Well, even Jesus, when
    He went to dinners -
  981. He went to a wedding with His disciples.
  982. He attended dinners with His disciples.
  983. (incomplete thought)
  984. He's going to throw one in the end,
  985. and He's going to have
    all of His people there.
  986. You see times when
  987. undoubtedly where He and His disciples
  988. were fed at the house of
    Lazarus and Mary and Martha.
  989. And we need to recognize that if
    we're going to love our parents,
  990. we certainly aren't going
    to keep them away
  991. at Thanksgiving or whatever.
  992. But who are you going to
    invite over at Thanksgiving?
  993. The reality is Jesus' words should be

  994. impacting our lives.
  995. What are you doing with your money?
  996. Do His words impact your life?
  997. What are you doing with your possessions?
  998. Do His words impact your life?
  999. Have you ever sold anything so that
  1000. you could give to those in need?
  1001. Do His words impact your life?
  1002. Is there some way to wash feet today?
  1003. Is that impacting your life?
  1004. We should be asking ourselves.
  1005. We should not just be
    going along through life
  1006. not wanting to proactively sin.
  1007. Scripture isn't just about
    what we don't do.
  1008. (incomplete thought)
  1009. If you think about Matthew 25.
  1010. When Jesus gets to separating the nations,
  1011. He doesn't look to those on His right
  1012. and say guys, I am so
    glad you didn't steal.
  1013. I am so glad you didn't commit adultery
  1014. with the lady down the street.
  1015. I'm so glad that you didn't...
  1016. That's not what He does.
  1017. He says I was hungry and you fed Me.
  1018. See, we need to be proactive.
  1019. Christ's commandments
    are not, by and large,
  1020. what you don't do.
  1021. Yes, there is some of that undoubtedly.
  1022. But so much of His commands -
  1023. think about the commands concerning
  1024. the Gospel, the Great Commission.
  1025. You think about the commands
    concerning salt and light.
  1026. What we're told is we're to do our works,
  1027. good works, before the onlooking world.
  1028. To the glory of our Father.
  1029. We're to seek first the kingdom.
  1030. We're to lay up treasure in heaven.
  1031. We're to live lives not just where
  1032. we're constantly trying to not do.
  1033. That's not the life we're called to.
  1034. It's, okay, how can I wash feet today?
  1035. Even though culturally that's not a thing.
  1036. We don't walk around in bare feet
  1037. in sandals on dusty roads.
  1038. We don't typically have
    dirt floors in our house.
  1039. Our feet stay relatively clean.
  1040. But the whole idea was
  1041. that was a menial task
  1042. that a slave would have done.
  1043. And our Lord did it.
  1044. And He said I'm leaving you an example.
  1045. So, you call Me "Lord, Lord,"
  1046. do you do what I say?
  1047. I gave you instruction
  1048. that encompasses a life.
  1049. He who doesn't forsake all that He has
  1050. is not worthy of Me.
  1051. He can't be My disciple.
  1052. He who loves somebody else more than Me,
  1053. He can't be My disciple.
  1054. He who doesn't take up his cross daily
  1055. and die can't be My disciple.
  1056. I mean, are we dying?
  1057. Think about it. What's dying?
  1058. Dying isn't physical death there.
  1059. What is dying?
  1060. It could lead to that,
  1061. but dying is basically when my wants,
  1062. wishes, agendas, goals
  1063. come face to face with those
  1064. that I know that He wants from me.
  1065. That's where we die.
  1066. Where we lay down our own ambitions
  1067. and where there's a
    submission to His will.
  1068. And see, so often, brethren,

  1069. so often we want mystical leadership.
  1070. We can feel like: Oh, Lord, we want You
  1071. to tell us what to do over here.
  1072. I'll tell you, if we
    would concern ourselves
  1073. with the myriad of things
    that He has spoken to,
  1074. and we would apply ourselves there,
  1075. we would be well on our way
  1076. to doing the will of God.
  1077. So often we want God to subjectively
  1078. lead us or point us or guide us,
  1079. and the reality is Jesus doesn't say:
  1080. get frozen, get locked up,
  1081. because you don't have some kind of
  1082. mysterious, subjective leadership.
  1083. He basically speaks
    very plainly repeatedly
  1084. about His commandments,
  1085. His Word;
  1086. about what He's speaking;
  1087. about the fact He's Lord.
  1088. Why do you not do what I say?
  1089. So, the whole point of tonight is:
  1090. think about what He says.
  1091. Why do you not do them?
  1092. Okay, let's be about them.

  1093. Let's do them.
  1094. Let's proactively set ourselves
  1095. about striving to do it.
  1096. So many people like to sit back and argue.
  1097. Luke 6. What a place to say:
  1098. Oh, but I don't know what this means?
  1099. Luke 6:27, "I say to you who hear,
  1100. love your enemies,
  1101. do good to those who hate you,
  1102. bless those who curse you,
  1103. pray for those who abuse you.
  1104. To one who strikes you on the cheek,
  1105. offer the other also."
  1106. What does that mean?
  1107. Does that mean I be like the Amish
  1108. and let the people come in my house
  1109. and steal all my furniture?
  1110. Does that mean I let the people come in
  1111. and rape my wife if that's
    what they want to do?
  1112. So often people get into arguments
  1113. about these things where
    they're so concerned
  1114. about what they don't mean.
  1115. Why?
  1116. Because they just feel like
  1117. these things are almost absurd.
  1118. "Give to everyone who begs from you,
  1119. and from one who takes away your goods,
  1120. do not demand them back." Really?
  1121. Don't demand them back?
  1122. Somebody takes away my goods?
  1123. I shouldn't call the police on the thief?
  1124. "As you wish that others would do to you,
  1125. do so to them.
  1126. If you love those who love you,
  1127. what benefit is that to you?
  1128. For even sinners love those who love them.
  1129. If you do good to those
    who do good to you,
  1130. what benefit is that to you?
    Even sinners do the same.
  1131. If you lend to those from
    whom you expect to receive,
  1132. what credit is that to you?
  1133. Even sinners lend to sinners
    to get back the same amount.
  1134. Love your enemies.
  1135. Do good and lend
    expecting nothing in return.
  1136. Your reward will be great."
  1137. Oh yeah, we could spend all day long
  1138. arguing about what it doesn't mean,
  1139. what it doesn't mean,
    what it doesn't mean...
  1140. You know, there's a lot of people
  1141. who want to argue about
    what it doesn't mean
  1142. who don't do anything
    that even resembles it.
  1143. The best thing to do is to be striving
  1144. to reach further and further and further,
  1145. and as we're willing to delve into these,
  1146. we can pray:
  1147. Father, if there are boundaries;
  1148. if there are exceptions;
  1149. if like Scripture often does
    speak extremely dogmatic
  1150. when there's obviously times when
  1151. we have to apply wisdom
  1152. and other biblical principals -
  1153. (incomplete thought)
  1154. There is a time when
    there are certain people
  1155. who are not willing to work,
  1156. that they shouldn't eat.
  1157. And so, if you've got a brother
  1158. who's not willing to work
  1159. and he asks - there's a time
  1160. when somebody asks for something
  1161. that you shouldn't give something
  1162. because it's actually more loving.
  1163. There is a place to let love dictate.
  1164. But usually people don't want to argue
  1165. about these things because they're
  1166. trying to figure out how to love more.
  1167. They typically want to
    argue about these things
  1168. because they're stingy, covetous,
  1169. and they want excuses
    for continuing to be so.
  1170. If Jesus said, "love your enemies,"

  1171. then you know what?
  1172. We as people ought to be thinking about
  1173. the people that we're persecuted most by;
  1174. that create the greatest
    difficulties in our life,
  1175. and we ought to be
    actively praying for them.
  1176. We ought to be actively seeking
    to do good for them.
  1177. (incomplete thought)
  1178. Doesn't that reflect
    what the truth is here?
  1179. Rather than getting in our debates
  1180. about what it doesn't mean.
  1181. In all these things,
  1182. we ought to hear Him,
  1183. because listen, He's Lord.
  1184. He's wise.
  1185. He's given us the things
  1186. that are going to make us like Him,
  1187. and that are going to please the Father.
  1188. He's given us the
    standard of righteousness.
  1189. And so, we ought to be venturing out.
  1190. Here Thanksgiving's coming up.
  1191. The holiday's are coming up.
  1192. Listen, even in the church,
  1193. whether you want to observe Thanksgiving
  1194. or observe Christmas or observe New Years,
  1195. you know this,
  1196. it's typically a time
    when people get together,
  1197. family and friends get together.
  1198. And especially, if we're to do good
  1199. especially to the household of God,
  1200. but to all people, we really
    need to be thinking.
  1201. Here's a time when especially those
  1202. who are single,
  1203. it can be a real time of loneliness.
  1204. But see, a lot of you are single.
  1205. The last thing you want to do is say,
  1206. oh, woe is me.
  1207. I need other people to love me.
  1208. But you ought to be just as proactive
  1209. in figuring out how to be creative
  1210. in ways to love other people.
  1211. It can be so easy to say,
  1212. oh, well, I'm the guy or I'm the girl
  1213. that's in the position that really needs
  1214. other people to reach out to me.
  1215. You ought to be in a position
  1216. where you're seeking to
    reach out to others.
  1217. That doesn't mean that other people
  1218. should not be in turn
    seeking to reach out,
  1219. but there's all manner of opportunity.
  1220. Look, the truth is

  1221. that, like the Leiter's just sent me
  1222. a link to a documentary that they did
  1223. on the Dutch Underground
    during World War II.
  1224. And the 120,000 or so - what's that?
  1225. (from the room) 200,000 Dutch.
  1226. It was about a hundred thousand Jews,
  1227. and then a hundred thousand
    of the underground.
  1228. So it was 200,000 who were killed.
  1229. And I watched this documentary last night.
  1230. There's so much evil in this world.
  1231. There's so much hate in this world.
  1232. There's so much cruelty in this world.
  1233. And here you have Jesus telling us:
  1234. Don't lay up treasure in heaven.
  1235. Sell your possessions. Give.
  1236. Love. Love those who hate.
  1237. Do good. Bless, don't curse.
  1238. Go into this world. Be light.
  1239. Don't deny Me.
  1240. Love Me more than anything else.
  1241. Honor your parents, yes.
  1242. Endure the sword.
  1243. Endure to the end.
  1244. But you go out in this world,
  1245. and you love like I loved you.
  1246. Resemble your Father.
  1247. He's merciful to the unjust
  1248. and to the unthankful.
  1249. You go imitate that.
  1250. You imitate Him in that
    in this dark world;
  1251. in this domain of Satan out here.
  1252. You go out and be light.
  1253. You go out and take the Gospel.
  1254. You go out and reach the nations.
  1255. Last thing we want to do
  1256. is hide that candlestick
    under a bushel basket.
  1257. Our time is short.
  1258. We are the light. We are the salt.
  1259. There's nobody else that is.
  1260. There's nobody else that has
  1261. the transformed hearts.
  1262. There's nobody else that has Christ
  1263. being inscribed into the very nature
  1264. and fabric of their being than us.
  1265. There's nobody else who calls Him Lord,
  1266. and then follows what He does
  1267. and what He says, but us.
  1268. There's nobody else who's
    empowered to do that;
  1269. empowered by His Spirit to do that but us.
  1270. And He expects us
  1271. not to shrug off His words.
  1272. He expects us to take His words
  1273. as the most important
  1274. guiding light for our life.
  1275. That's obvious.
  1276. "Why do you call Me, 'Lord, Lord?'
  1277. and do not do the things I say?"
  1278. I just want to impress upon us.
  1279. Just laying our lives on the altar,
  1280. that's really what it's all about.
  1281. We use that kind of figure -
  1282. being in submission,
  1283. or being in subjection to Him.
  1284. This is what it comes down to.
  1285. Does His Word hold sway in my life?
  1286. And we should be often in the Gospels,

  1287. and we should be hearing those words.
  1288. And we should never read over them
  1289. in some careless fashion
  1290. without actually hearing them.
  1291. (incomplete thought)
  1292. Obviously, Paul is just as
    much the Word of God.
  1293. All of Scripture is equally inspired.
  1294. I'm not calling out His
    words in any special way
  1295. other than this:
  1296. you recognize that the epistles basically
  1297. draw off the truth that we have
  1298. in those four Gospels.
  1299. Those four Gospels are the life of Christ
  1300. set before us.
  1301. We hear from His own voice,
  1302. our Lord giving us His words.
  1303. We ought to be often there
  1304. in one of those Gospels.
  1305. We need to be hearing those words.
  1306. We need to be testing our lives by them
  1307. all the time.
  1308. Coming back.
  1309. Confessing where we fall short.
  1310. Asking for grace.
  1311. And really, being like the guy
  1312. that came to the services.
  1313. The preacher began to preach
  1314. and he got up and went out.
  1315. I mean, when we go to reading
  1316. Matthew, Mark, Luke, John,
  1317. we ought to read
  1318. and there ought to be
    ever increasing conformity.
  1319. And if something's not right,
  1320. it ought to stop us in our tracks
  1321. and we ought to deal with it.
  1322. Every time we're reading
    in the Word of God,
  1323. we should be reading so as to see
  1324. God's glory;
  1325. to see our Lord Jesus Christ.
  1326. We should read so that we can believe.
  1327. We should read for the sake of conformity
  1328. to the standard that's
    being set before us
  1329. and where my life is.
  1330. None of our lives are perfectly where
  1331. they ought to be in
    conformity to this Word.
  1332. Okay, brethren.
  1333. Let's pray.

  1334. We do call you, "Lord, Lord."
  1335. And I trust that many in this room
  1336. do Your will.
  1337. Lord, we hear what You tell us.
  1338. We hear what You say.
  1339. Lord, I pray that we would
    truly have ears to hear,
  1340. grace to help.
  1341. I think of the KJV rendering there
  1342. in the Song of Solomon:
  1343. Lord, draw us and we will run after Thee.
  1344. But Lord, You gave much promise.
  1345. You promised that You
    wouldn't leave us orphans.
  1346. You promised You'd come to us.
  1347. Lord, I pray, help us,
  1348. convict us, give us ears to hear.
  1349. Lord, we pray that the Word
  1350. would resound in our ears,
  1351. tug at our hearts,
  1352. work in our consciences,
  1353. be ever a guide, move us,
  1354. impact us, bend us,
  1355. provoke us to greater
    and greater good works.
  1356. Lord, may it be like a great gust of wind,
  1357. like a tidal surge in the water.
  1358. May it pull; may it draw;
  1359. may it move; may it be like the things
  1360. that You say: like a sword,
  1361. like a hammer,
  1362. living.
  1363. Lord, I pray that it would be
  1364. like the thunder
  1365. and like a still, small voice.
  1366. But however it comes,
  1367. that Lord, it would sway us.
  1368. It would cause reaction.
  1369. It would cause conformity.
  1370. Lord, we pray that we
    would see this increasingly.
  1371. I pray in Christ's name,
  1372. Amen.