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Introduction to Caesarean Section Surgery Videos - Dr. Lia Tadesse

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    (Dr. Lia Tadesse:) This surgical video on Caesarean section that you'll be viewing now is
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    done on a 26 year old prime- gravidae lady at gestational age of 42 weeks for an indication of failed induction.
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    It was an emergency Caesarean section.
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    The surgery was done by Dr. Richard Adanu, who is an OBGYN at the University of Ghana.
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    Almost all of the surgery is similar to how we do it here,
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    but there may be a few differences in the techniques of how we do it.
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    During the explanation, we will point out those areas of differences.
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    I hope you enjoy the videos. (Video transcribed by Kathleen Omollo, University of Michigan)
Introduction to Caesarean Section Surgery Videos - Dr. Lia Tadesse

This is the introductory video by Dr. Lia Tadesse, Vice Provost of Medical Education and Research at St. Paul Hospital Millennium Medical College, to surgical videos in a learning module about Caesarean section. The full learning module is available at: Along with other resources in the module, this video is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial 3.0 License: Video recorded by Dr. Cary Engleberg (University of Michigan). Video transcribed by Kathleen Omollo (University of Michigan).

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