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  1. I think it's time we got explicit about the
  2. physical processes that lead to genetic variability and the physical
  3. passing on of our genes. Now if you want to
  4. have your own biological children, there's a pretty important event
  5. that must precede the presence of children. instead of thinking
  6. of you having your own children lets just think about
  7. you, right. Here I am pretty happy, 30 years old.
  8. But where did I come from? About 30 years ago,
  9. I was in my mother's womb developing as an
  10. embryo and then fetus. But where did I come from
  11. before that? About nine months before I was born, I
  12. was conceived meaning that the sex cells from my parents,
  13. the sperm fertilized the egg and I received my
  14. very first cell with a full genome. Half from mom,
  15. half from dad. And of course about 30 minutes to
  16. one full day before conception, there was a pretty important
  17. physical interaction my biological mother and biological father
  18. had to go through, the act of sexual intercourse.
  19. For me to be here today, standing here, teaching
  20. this course to you. All three of these previous
  21. events must have happened. My parents must have found
  22. each other and exchanged sex cells. They must have
  23. had a successful fertilization of these sex cells. And
  24. they must have had a successful development in utero,
  25. or growing in my mother's womb. Now while I owe a lot to my mom and dad for
  26. bringing me into this world, I really owe their
  27. sex cells. Or what we call gametes. Gametes are
  28. either sperm or eggs, sperm in male, eggs in
  29. females. And germ cells make gametes. Germ cells are
  30. the precursors to the sex cells. And in this
  31. case the word germ. Doesn't mean germ like bacteria
  32. it means germ like germination, like a flower.
  33. The cells that make our gametes are called
  34. germ cells because they are the seed for
  35. our germination. So understanding how germ cells make
  36. gamete is a really critical component to understanding
  37. which alleles you're going to get from which parent.
  38. Let's talk a little bit more about how
  39. that process of cell division is going to occur.