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  1. We've been working pretty much solely with polynomial expressions of degree 2
  2. since we started talking about parabolas, like this one right here. However, we
  3. know from earlier on in the course that expressions can have terms with even
  4. higher powers. Let's take a second to look at one of those right now. How about
  5. something like this, x cubed minus x squared plus three x minus three. Now, my
  6. question for you is, can we factor this? Well, we have been talking about
  7. factoring by grouping a fair amount and we already have four terms here, so
  8. let's try it out. Maybe it will work. Let's consider the first two terms
  9. together as a pair. And then the last two terms is a pair. And for each of these
  10. pairs, please write in the box below it what the greatest common factor that we
  11. can pull put is. To make my life easier in the future, I'm going to call
  12. greatest common factor, the initials GCF.