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  1. The answers are, yes, the monkey has the bananas. No, the box is not at C,
  2. it's been pushed to B. Yes, the monkey is at B. Yes, the bananas are at B.
  3. No, the height of the monkey is not
  4. high, because he climbed down. Which meant that the
  5. effect was, that is at height, low. But
  6. yes, the height of the bananas is high according
  7. to these definitions. Now you would think, once the
  8. monkey grasps the bananas and climbed down that the height
  9. of the bananas should be low. But if we look
  10. at the up rate of climb down, it doesn't say
  11. that. It refers to the monkey. But it, it doesn't
  12. refer to anything that the monkey is holding. because that
  13. kind of thing is difficult to express in the language
  14. of classical planning. So you could say, that's a weakness
  15. in the definition of climb down.