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158th Knowledge Seekers Workshop, February 9th, 2017. Subtitles.

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00:00:01 Intro videos
00:11:21 Rick Intro
00:12:01 Start M.T. Keshe
00:14:09 DL
00:43:52 TEACHING. Space Technology
01:22:04 Start Q & A
01:23:20 Zen Rogers. Hip replacement
01:37:46 Vic. GaNS of Hydrogen.
01:47:50 René from Austria.
02:11:59 Question from China regarding "fire".
02:14:32 Flint. Fukushima.
02:41:01 Problem with nuclear reactor in France.
02:44:01 Flint. Bomb of Plutonium.
02:59:41 Atanas. Health Pen.
03:05:55 From Togo about Karma.
03:21:07 Human blood connected to emotional level.
03:24:06 Leon. Why are we building the Spaceship?