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  1. So James, do you think we should go over the differences between
  2. bracket notation, dot notation and object literal notation?
  3. >> Not really.
  4. I think that conversation would make this class a lot longer.
  5. Let's put a link in the instructor's notes to give students more information.
  6. Good news is, they're pretty similar.
  7. >> Yeah. That's fair.
  8. Okay. So we're about to get into control flow in JavaScript.
  9. But, before we do, let's go ahead and finish all of our objects.
  10. The work object and projects objects needed to be created.
  11. And let's go ahead and finish up the biography and education objects.
  12. While we're at it, let's go ahead and
  13. clean out resumeBuilder.js too, so that way, it only contains the four objects.
  14. You might have some code in resumeBuilder.js from previous quizzes.
  15. If you want to keep it, that's totally cool.
  16. But you should comment it out with two slashes.
  17. These two slashes at
  18. the beginning of any line will comment out the rest of the line.
  19. Or, if you don't want to comment out your code, you can just simply cut and
  20. paste all of it into a different file.
  21. >> That's a good idea.
  22. Let's start the next lesson with a clean file,
  23. with just our biographical objects.
  24. Click this box once you've created your bio, work, projects and
  25. education objects, and
  26. either have cleared out or commented out, all of your previous code.