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  1. Now for the third question, I want you to try something different.
  2. Take a moment to think about everything you've learned thus far
  3. and write it down.
  4. This type of reflection can help us better recall new ideas at a later stage.
  5. I remember my grad school professor used to say,
  6. the way to put things in long-term memory, is to describe them to someone else.
  7. So, here is your chance to do that.
  8. Think about everything you have learnt thus far and write it down.
  9. You can either draw an image using pen and paper.
  10. Then take a picture of it and share with us using Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.
  11. Or if you want to keep your work private,
  12. you can write down everything that you've learned in this text box.