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  1. We can remove a 4 from the first 3 terms of out numerator, leaving us with 4
  2. times x squared plus 4x plus 4. We can also remove a 4 as a greatest common
  3. factor from 4x and 8. This leaves us with 4 times x plus 2 in our denominator.
  4. We have a quadratic trinomial here and not only that it's a perfect square
  5. trinomial, so we can factor that as x plus 2 times x plus 2. Finally, we cancel
  6. the factors in the numerator and the denominator. So x plus two divided by x
  7. plus two equals one, and four divided by four equals one. Remember, we're only
  8. simplifying factors, or things that are being multiplied in our numerator and
  9. our denominator. This leaves us with x plus two divided by one, or just x plus
  10. two. Notice that not every rational expression simplifies to another fraction.
  11. Sometimes we'll just get another polynomial.