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  1. Welcome to lesson six. At this point, you guys can build
  2. just about anything. You collect data from users. You can build pretty
  3. web pages. You can store all of this stuff in databases. You
  4. can manipulate this database. You can build log-ins, all sorts of cool
  5. things. And when you think about it, just about every website
  6. on the Internet is some combination of the things you've already learned
  7. how to do. So it's pretty cool that you can, you've gotten
  8. this far. Now, one of the things we haven't touched on yet,
  9. is how to build websites that operate at a larger scale.
  10. That is that more than just a couple of people can use.
  11. When you start having websites operating at a big scale, lots
  12. of things can break down. You can run out of disk space
  13. for your data. You can run out of bandwidth, to serve
  14. all of the amazing stuff that you have. Or you can run
  15. out of you know, processor time to actually generate all of the
  16. amazing computations you're doing. Right? There's
  17. all sorts of different things that
  18. can, that are limiting factors in how your website functions. And we're
  19. going to learn how to address each of those things. How to use
  20. multiple machines if you need to, and that sort of thing. So
  21. that you can actually build a large-scale website. So, let's jump right in.