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  1. If you’re working as a computer
  2. no matter whether it’s in computational
  3. finance, logistics, or even the
    secret service,
  4. chances are
  5. that you’ll come across
  6. very tough problems that can only be
  7. solved by a computer. Or so you might
  8. think because here’s the bad news:
  9. There are literally thousands
  10. of problems out there
  11. for which you might think that
  12. simple for a computer to solve them
  13. but it’s actually very hard,
  14. if not downright impossible.
  15. This course introduces you to theoretical
  16. computer science, the area of computer
  17. that deals with very hard
  18. And I think that even if you plan to
  19. become a very practical computer
  20. it’s vital that you know about those
    theoretical concepts
  21. Plus, we will also encounter some
  22. really fascinating and mind boggling
  23. results from theoretical computer
  24. such as deceptively simple
    problems that
  25. no computer will ever be able to solve.
  26. So I’m happy to invite you to take this
  27. into the science of challenging problems.