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  1. Now, it's time for you to do some hands on work with sequences. I've defined
  2. the sequence statement down here. And I want you to implement the integration
  3. of the sequencer with the router environment. So, you need to follow the four
  4. steps we've outlined in the previous section, and we will have comments inside
  5. the files. You need to edit three files. The first one is this file. So here, I
  6. want you to connect the clock. I've added a pointer to this signal map to the
  7. sequencer up here. And I want you to connect the clock event of the sequencer
  8. to the clock_f event signal map. The next file is the router end file. Here is
  9. our installation of all drivers and monitors. And I want you to instantiate the
  10. sequencer here, as well, and connect the various things. So, here are the
  11. details for the instantiation, then you need to connect the signal map to the
  12. sequencer. And finally, down here, you need to connect the sequencer to the
  13. input_driver. Last, but not least, you need to edit the packet_driver. So,
  14. again here is the pointer to the sequencer. And I want you to use the sequencer
  15. API to get elements from the sequencer and drive them on the interface. The
  16. details are listed here.