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← 【29th WEEK】 優衣「結婚したい…」 大学生のリアルな就活事情

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  1. [Previously unaired footage]

  2. What are you writing?
  3. Like a summary about companies.
  4. It’s called a job hunting notebook.
  5. I briefly summarize stuff
    about companies I’m interested in.
  6. Did I tell you that
    I was applying for “TAKE and GIVE NEEDS”?
  7. I don’t remember.
  8. I’m applying for a wedding company
    called “TAKE and GIVE NEEDS”.
  9. So, I had a job interview...
  10. - Actually, I have it tomorrow.
    - Tomorrow?
  11. But tomorrow there's another company too.
  12. The company called me suddenly,
    and asked me if I can come tomorrow.
  13. Actually, I wasn’t interested in it.
  14. If I were to get the job offer,
  15. that wouldn't be bad
    since the salary is pretty good.
  16. So I was wondering
    if I should apply for the company.
  17. They went out of their way to call me.
  18. I thought I wanted to work
    at my first choice,
  19. but I failed the interview.
  20. So I might as well take this interview,
    since they asked me.
  21. I don’t want to do job hunting.
  22. Don’t you ever think about
    where you want to work, Aya?
  23. I like people.
  24. We are similar.
  25. I really like to interact with people.
  26. And now I mostly study about apparel
    in my college research group.
  27. So I think GUCCI might be good,
    but I can’t speak English well.
  28. It’s really hard to choose
    companies you like.
  29. Well, of course,
    we are the ones selected by them.
  30. I’m confident in my self-introduction.
  31. Can you...can you introduce yourself?
  32. I can’t do it like that.
    I don’t want to do it.
  33. But interviews are just like this.
  34. Can you introduce yourself?
  35. My name is Aya Matarai.
  36. I should first work on my diction.
  37. You don’t have any confidence, do you?
  38. When I practice.
  39. Don't start with "I'm confident", then.
  40. I'm sorry.
  41. You should say
    “I’m not confident, but I try”.
  42. That’s what it should be.
  43. But you know,
    some of my friends go on interviews...
  44. just to practice,
    even though they won’t work there.
  45. They do things like that.
  46. I see.
  47. But I'd feel bad if I did that.
  48. If each of them offered me a job,
    I would have to refuse them anyway, but...
  49. We need to have a back-up plan.
  50. But the recruiters work so hard...
  51. Part of me thinks
    I’ll take over my parents’ business.
  52. Ah, the yakiniku restaurants.
  53. Right, but before that,
    they wanted me to experience other jobs.
  54. I thought that would be tough.
  55. All of it would be hard.
  56. Working people are amazing.
  57. We want to get married soon, right?
  58. Exactly.
    Marrying once I graduate from college.
  59. And becoming a housewife, if I can.
  60. That'd be amazing.
  61. I hope we meet someone and do that.
  62. [Translated by koma]
    [Timed and Reviewed by gabweeb]