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  1. Well, we want to get x on one side of the equation. So let's subtract x from
  2. both sides. I'll get negative x plus zx plus zy equals 0. Remember, I can't
  3. combine this negative x with either this term or this term since the variables
  4. are completely different. To isolate these two terms that have x, I subtract zy
  5. from both sides. This gives me negative x plus zx equals negative zy. Now, this
  6. equation doesn't quite match any of these. So there must be something else I can
  7. do. Well, let's multiply this equation through by a negative 1. If we multiply
  8. every term by a negative 1, we really change all of these signs. This will
  9. become positive, this will become negative and this will become positive. So x
  10. minus zx is equal to zy. Well, that would be this one here, x minus zx equal to
  11. zy. This equation has just been flipped over. This was the tough way to do it.
  12. Let me show you a quicker way. We know we want to get these x terms alone on one
  13. side of the equation. So if we just subtract zx from both sides, we get there a
  14. lot quicker. Zy is equal to x minus zx. This is where your algebra skills can
  15. come into play. If you think a little bit forward you can predict what you're
  16. going to get. Try and choose the simpler method. Having two x terms isolated on
  17. the right side of the equation is the same as having x terms isolated on the
  18. left side of the equation. This one just happens to be much easier.