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  1. To start this unit, we'll look at Math Quill so you can input exponents and
  2. scientific notation with ease. You might have already discovered how to enter
  3. exponents using Math Quill, and even if you haven't here's a quick walk-through
  4. on what to do. First you want to type the letter x, this will create an x in
  5. your math quill box. Then you want to type carrot symbol, you notice that right
  6. before you type the carrot symbol your cursor bar will appear after the x.
  7. Immediately after you type the carrot key, the cursor bar will move up and in
  8. the position for an exponent, or a superscript. You will then type the number 4
  9. to get the 4 as the exponent. And here's where you can run into trouble. If you
  10. keep continue typing, you will be typing exponents or powers. To move the cursor
  11. bar back down to the main line, you want to hit the right arrow key. Hitting the
  12. right arrow key gets us to the main line and now it continues typing the rest of
  13. our expression. So finish entering this expression, and then try these other
  14. ones. There's also a challenge problem down here. It contains both an exponent
  15. and a fraction.