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  1. My name is Maria Birdseye and I was

  2. diagnosed with Parkinson’s four years ago
  3. And I’ve been reading a lot about
  4. what you can do to
  5. delay the progress of the disease hopefully.
  6. So I do a lot of exercise and
  7. one of the symptoms that can progress
  8. is that your voice gets softer
  9. and it’s very hard to hear you yet
  10. I wanted to participate in and find out if
  11. there was a way to strengthen my vocal cords
  12. now and very definitely that’s the case.
  13. But it’s hard to make yourself be loud
  14. if you’re not a loud person and
  15. reading a poem is something that
  16. I’m comfortable with and so that’s
  17. probably why I chose to do that today.
  18. I’m a retired school teacher,
  19. taught middle school for thirty years
  20. and am very happily retired though
  21. Parkinson’s was not in my plans.
  22. But there it is.
  23. This poem was read to me in a yoga class
  24. and it struck a chord with me because
  25. the poet is trying to get you to challenge
  26. your situation in life. It makes you think
  27. it changes your perspective and its one
  28. of the best things that a poem can do.
  29. The written word, whether it’s a poem or
  30. a play or a book or a short story,
  31. it captures another person’s life for you
  32. to share and in that respect I think
  33. literature is wonderful.
  34. But when you think about it, anybody who
  35. is willing to share how they feel
  36. enriches us. It can’t be easy always
  37. to share private thoughts.